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Angel Baby Quotes 017

1. I Never Got To Hold You Or Bounce To You My Lap

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2. Cuddled In Heaven We Had So Little Time To Share To Son I Had To Leave I Know

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3. A Letter To My Angel Baby You Were But A Tiny Baby

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4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Up In Heaven Is Where You’re Flying High


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5. Dear Lord I Would Have Loved To Have Held My Babies On My Lap And Tell Then About You But Since I Didn’t Get The Chance Would You

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6. When You Lose A Baby You Have Longed For You Don’t Get Though The Pain By Forgetting You Survive The Grief By Remembering

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7. Blowing Kisses I Blow Your Kisses To The Sky And Off To You I Let Then Fly Each One A Wish I Wrap In Love Then Send To You So High Above I Feel You Watching As I Do And Know You Hear Each I Love You So Every Day I ‘Ll Send Them High These Kisses I Blow To The Sky

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8. If Love Could Have Saved You You Would Have Lived Forever

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9. You’ll Always Be With Me Like A Handprint On My Heart

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10. I Am A Woman Of Great Strength I Am The Mother Of An Angel

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11. Heaven And Earth May Separate Us Today

Angel Baby Quotes 006

12. You Never Arrived In My Arms But You Will Never Leave From My Heart

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13. Heaven’s Little Angel You’re One Of Heaven Angels Now A Perfect Little Star And When You Shine

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14. I Never Got To Hear Your Cry I Never A Saw Your Beautiful Eye I Never Touched Your Soft Skin I Never Saw Your Feet Kick But You Are My Angel And You Will Forever Be Missed

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15. Some People Only Dream Of Angels I Held One In My Arms

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16. Some Only Dream Of Angels I Held One In My Arms

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17. My Darling Angel Baby Silent From The Start Your Footsteps Echo Loudly As You Dance Upon My Heart

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