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1. We Broke Half A Year Ago And Yet I Still Love You Now We Were Friends But Something Is Pulling Me I Want You Back

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2. We Were Telling Everybody We Weren’t Getting Back Together When We Were In The Studio Actually Recording We Wanted To Try It On To See How It Would Fit

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3. If You Find Someone Who Makes You Smile Who Checks Up On You Often To See If You’re

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4. You Can Usually Tell When A Couple Becomes Centered On Each Other Because They Are Forever Breaking Up And Getting Back Together

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5. People Who Are Meant To Be Together Find Their Way Back. They May Take A Few Detours But They’re Never Lost

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6. Breakdowns Can Create Breakthroughs Things Fall Apart So Things Can Fall Together

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7. If A Perosn Keep Coming Back And You Love Each Other Enough To Keep Forgiving Past Mistakes Maybe You Were Really Meant

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8. There Is Something To Be Said About Two People Who Find Each Other Time And Time Again No Matter What Situations They End Up In Or How Far Apart They Become They Come Back To Each Apart They Those Are The People Who Have A Little Thing Called Fate On Their Side Those Are People I Envy It’s Almost Like The World Is Saying Stop Seperating

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9. Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen. They Take Time Patience And Two People Who Truly Want To Be Together

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10. As Soon As I Accept That You’re Gone You’re Back

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11. Sometimes Two People Have To Fall Apart To Realize How Much They Need To Fall Back Together

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12. If Two People Truly Wanted To Be Together They Will Find A Way To Make It Work

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13. True Love Has A Habit Of Coming Back

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14. Sometimes Two People Have To Fall Apart To Realize How Much They Need To Fall Back Together

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15. This Time Lets Do It Right

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16. It’s You It’s Always Been You

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