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1. A Self Respected, Strong Female Who Has Everything Together, The Consists Of Body, Mind Finances, And Swagger, Also Female Who Does &Amp; Gets Hers By Any Means Necessary.

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2. Be A Girl With A Mind, A Bitch With An Attitude, A Lady With Class.

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3. How To Be A Bad Bitch Act Like You Own The Motherfucking World. Don’t Be A Basic Bitch Strut..

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4. Kush Rolled Glass Full I Prefer The Better Things.

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5. Good Girls Are Made Of Sugar But I’m A Bad Bitch Made Of Whipped Cream And Ice.

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6. Never Satisfied With A Nice Calm Evening.

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7. Behind Every Bad Bitch Is A Sweet Girl Who Got Tired Of Everyone Bullshit.

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8. Bitch You Don’t Have To Like Me! Like Me!

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9. Here’s A Big Fuck You To All The Two- Faced. Bitches, Back- Stabber, Fake Ass Friends, The Ex’s And Everyone Else Who Doesn’t Like Me.

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10. Bitches Talk Shit Cause They Think They Know Me But I Had Dick But If I Had Dick They’d Be The First To Blow Me.

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11. You Can Hate Me But Why Knock My Hustle? I’m Be The Queen No Matter How They Shuffle.

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12. Be Thankful For The Bad Things In Life. For They Open Your Eyes The Good Things You Weren’t Paying Attention To Before.

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13. You Know Damn Well You Ain’t A Bad Bitch You Just Look Bad, Bitch.D

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14. Oh You’re A Princess…

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15. Been Around The World, I Still Can’t Find, Another Girl That Can Steal My Shine I’ve Had My Hings, I’ve Had My Lows, But You Can’t Tell Me That I Am Not The Baddest Bitch.

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16. You Become Free When You Stop Letting Shit….

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17. You Claim You’re A Bad Bitch. But You Have No Car…

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18. Trust No Player, Fear No Bitch. Give No Pussy, Suck On Dick People Play Games, And Are Full Of Shit. Play The Role And Be The Baddest Bitch.

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19. The Karma Of Fucking Over A Good Girl…

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