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1. As I Look Back On My Life, I Realize That Every Time I Thought I Was Being Rejected From Something Good, I Was Actually Being Re-Directed To Something Better.

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2. When Life Knocks You Down… Calmly Get Back Up, Smile And Very Politely Say, “You Hit Like A Bitch”

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3. A Pretty Face Gets Older… A Nice Body Will Change… But A Good Woman Will Always Be A Good Woman. Keep Sharing It!!

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4. I Have Already Been Through Hell. So, Give It Your Best Shot. Not Only Will I Survive, I Will Win.

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5. Love Me? Great. Hate Me? Even Better. Think I’m Ugly? Don’t Look At Me. Don’t Know Me? Don’t Judge Me. Think You Know Me? You Have No Idea.

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6. Hope You Have A Groovy Weekend.

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7. I Don’t Care If You’re Black, White, Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Short, Tall ,Fat , Shinny, Rich Or Poor. If You’re Nice To Me, I’ll Be Nice To You X.

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8. Fact: Men Are Much Less Likely To Divulge A Secret Than Women Probably Because They Weren’t Really Listening Anyway.

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9. Don’t Tell Me I Haven’t Got Balls. I Just Happen To Wear Mine On My Chest And I Can Guarantee They’re A Lot Bigger Than Yours.

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10. Revenge Can Be Bitter Sweet, But If U Sit Back And Watch Karma Can Be Pure Entertainment.

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11. You Will Find As You Look Back Upon Your Life, That The Moments When You Really Lived Were The Moments When You Have Done Things In The Spirit Of Love……

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12. Just A Woman? Oh, Hell No! I An A Bit Cup Of Wonderful, Covered In Awesome Sauce, With Splash Of Psycho And A Dash Of Crazy. You Be Sure To Remember That!

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13. Life Is Too Short To Worry About What Others Say Or Think About You. So Have Fun, Enjoy And Give Them Something To Talk About.

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14. Sorry I Missed Your Call, I Took Too Long To Answer ‘Cause I Was Dancing To The Ringtone.

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15. Keep Calm And Drink Coffee.

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16. Don’t Be Someone’s Down Time, Spare Time, Part Time Or Maybe Time. If They Can’t Be There For You All The Time, Maybe They Are Not Worth Your Time.

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17. Broken Things Can Become Blessed Things If You Let God Do The Mending.

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18. If You Don’t Do Stupid Things When You’re Young. You’ll Have Nothing To Talk About When You’re Old.

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19. You Don’t Have To Be Skinny To Be Sexy Or Beautiful . Beauty Is The Size Of Your Heart Not The Size Of Your Jeans Confidence Is Sexy.

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20. A Woman Is Always Right Now Sometimes We Maybe Confused, Misinformed, Bitcy, Stubborn, Unchangeable And Maybe A Little Emotional Now And Then But,

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21. Well Behaved Women . Seldom Make History.

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