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Crazy Chick Quotes 017

1. I Feel Like I’ve Started To Grow Up And Be More Of A Woman Instead Of This Crazy Girl

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2. I Took Upon Myself To Enact The Part Of A Poor Unfortunate Crazy Girl And Felt In My Duty Not To Shirk Any Of Disagreeable Result That Should Follow

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3. It’s A Scientific Fact You Should Never Tell A Girl She’s Crazy Unless You Want To See Crazy

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4. For A Long Time I Had A Crazy Girl Dating Habit

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5. Im Crazy I’ll Own That But Im Worth It There Is Method To My Insanity

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6. Behind Every Crazy Woman Is A Man Who Made Her That Way

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7. Im Not The Same Girl I Used To Be Admit A Lot Of Shit Got To Me

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8. Best Relationship Advice Make Sure You’re The Crazy One

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9. Everyone Always Wants To Date The Hot Crazy Chick Till You’re Standing Outside Watching Your House Bum

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10. Crazy Girlfriends Are The Best She Might Love You She Might Stab You In Your Sleep Such An Exciting Relationship

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11. She’s Completely Unexplainable. You Think She’s The Good Girl, But Once You Get To Know Her You Realize She Everything She’s Crazy She’s Funny She’s Honest And You Never Know What She’ll Do Next

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12. Im Just A Crazy Kinda Girl I’ll Tell It To The World I’ve Just Begun Having My Fun

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13. The Day A Bitch Can Make Him Leave Me Alone Stop Fucking With Me For Good Is The Day I’ll Take My Hat Off

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14. Haven’t You Heard Im The Crazy Bitch Around Here

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15. She’s Crazy And Just When You Think You’ve Reached The Bottom Of Her Craziness, There’s Crazy Understand Garage

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16. Know Im Kinda Crazy But That’s Ok Because That’s The Price To Any For Being So Dam Awesome

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