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1. Im A Lady, But When I’m Mad, I’m An Evil Sadistic Demon Spawned. Bitch Form Hell That’ll Make You Wish You Were Never Born… And When I’m Happy, I Bake Muffins And Shit!

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2. I Play A Nice Crazy Lady Whose Morals Are Right But Who Is Really Foundering.

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3. Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Be The Crazy Lady To Get Yer Point Across.

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4. She’s Crazy, And Just When You Think You’ve Reached The Bottom Of Her Craziness, There’s A Crazy Underground Garage.

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5. I’d Rather Be Know As The Crazy Dog Lady Than A People Person. Because I May Have Lost My Mind, But I Found My Soul.

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6. Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Be The Crazy Lady To Get Your Point Across.

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7. One Day I’ll Be A Crazy Old Lady Weighed Down By All My Baubles And It Will Be Glorious.

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8. My Relationship Status Single In Relationship Dating Married Already Ordered 37 Cats.

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9. You’re Fucking Crazy. Ain’t No Medicine For That Shit.

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10. It’s A Scientific Fact Never Tell A Woman She’s Crazy Unless You Want To See Crazy.

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11. I Know I’m A Little Bit Crazy. And That’s All Part Of My Charm. If You Don’t Like It, Then Get Off My Unicorn.

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12. I Should Have Been Born With A Warning Label.

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13. If You’re Uncomfortable Because Of Dog, I Am Happy To Lock You In The Other Room When You Come Over.

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14. She’s Completely Unexplained, You Think She’s The Good Girl, But Once You Get To Know Her, You Realize She’s Everything. She’s Crazy, She’s Funny. She’s Honest, And You Never Know What She’ll Do Next.

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15. Behind Every Crazy Woman, Is A Man Who Made Her That Way.

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16. Myself As Hopeless.. By Hopeless Mean Can’t Get A Date To…

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17. Haven’t You Heard? I’m The Crazy Bitch Around Here.

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18. She’s Crazy. And Just When You Think You’ve…

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19. I’m That Quiet Girl Who Is Absolutely…

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20. The Prettier The Face, The Crazier The Girl.

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