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1. House Rules Swallow Every Single Drop

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2. Shell Let You Know If You’re Being Too Rough In Bed So Don’t Baby Her Manhandle Her

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3. One Of The Greatest Thing A Dom Can Do For His Sub Is To Silence Her Mind To Allow Her To Let Go O

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4. If Dominance Is An Act Of Setting Someone Free And Submission Is An Act Of Willfully

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5. Outside The Bedroom She’s My Queen Inside The Bedroom She’s My Little Fuck Toy

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6. Until We Have Seen Someone’s Darkness We Don’t Really Know Who They Are Until We Have Forgiven Someone’s Darkness We Don’t Really Know What Love Is

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7. Slave Am I Weak So That I Submit To You Sir Submission Doesn’t Mean Weakness I’m

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8. He Wants To Make You His Slut Then He Better Make You His Princess And Treasured Possession First

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9. Her Body Burns For Him Her Heart Beats For Him Her Soul Longs For His Possession She Is His

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10. Let Me Show You Just How Much Fun Being Mine Can Be

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11. I Have A Thing For Intellectuals I Appreciate A Good Mind Fuck Every Now And Then

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12. People Who Have Dom Subs Don’t Have A Sick Fetish They Have Bond Based On Trust An Love That Links Them

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13. Submissive May Have Thicker Weaker Hearts Fuck Them Roughly But Love Them Tenderly

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14. A Real Dominant Doesn’t Love The Most Beautiful Submissive In The World They Love The

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15. Hearing Him Whisper Cum For Me In Your Ear

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16. To Love A Submissive Is To Feast Upon Her Form

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17. To Love A Submissive Is To Feast Upon Her Form

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18. The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars

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19. Meet Me In The Of Your Soul Invite Me To The

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20. To Know The True Measure Of A Man Observe How He Treats The Gift

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21. Submission Isn’t About Pain

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22. You Have To Idea Of The Amount Of Happiness You Brought To My Life

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23. I Represent To You All The Sins

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