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1. 10 Reasons To Love A Nurse 1. No Body Parts Scare Me 2. Defibrillation I Can Thrill With One Touch 3. I’m Used To Working All Night 4. Who Else Will Encourage

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2. Wating Is Good It Mean You’re Not Going To Die The Person You Need To Feel Sorry For Is The One Who Gets Rushed Into Er And Treated First

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3. Nursing Where Else Can You Experience The Thrill Of Watching Total Strangers Poop In Front Of You Like It Was Totally Your Business

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4. You Know You Work In An Er If You Believe That Unspeakable Evil Will Befall If Anyone Utters The World Wow It’s Quiet In Here

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5. What My Friends Thing I Do What My Mom Think I Do What Society Think I Do What My Boses Think I Do What Patients Think I Do

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6. No Dr Dmbass I Will Not Do That To My Patient Could You Please Consult With Dr Google Before You Speak Out Loud Again

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7. Er Triage The Only Place Where The Rn Knows That A Patient’s C/C Of Sea Roaches Of The Liver Actually Means Cintiosis Of The Liver

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8. I Can Go From Southern Belle To Ghetto Thug Faster Than You Can Say Bless You Heart Don’t Mistakes This Fake Smile And

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9. Always Remember That If The Weather Or The Wait Time Determines You Need To Come To The Er It’s Not An Emergency

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10. What My Friends Think I Do What The Drs. Think I Do

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11. My Er Is Filled To The Brim With Acute Exacerbation Of Chronic Nonsense

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12. When I Asked A Patient What Her Code Status Was She Said I Do Not Remember Sounds Like Dnr To Me

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13. Im Not Crazy Because I’m An Er Nurse I’m Crazy Because I Like It

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14. Atlas Of An Er Nurses Brain That’s Just Wrong You Mean She’s Back How Does Someone Get Like

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15. Reasons Not To Go To Your Local Er Your Tooth Hurts You Could Swear You Have A Fever But When You Take

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16. You Know You Work In An Er If

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17. You Have Never Really Lived Until You Have Done Something Someone

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18. Naked Old People Flying Body Fluids And Dodging Fists I Can’t Think Of Any Other Way I’d Rather Spend 36 Hours

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19. All Nurses Are Made

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20. You Know You’re A Nurse If You Leave

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