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1. I Love Cleaning Up Messes I Didn’t Make So I Became A Mon

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2. Nothing Is Really Lost Until Mom Can’t Find It

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3. I Dont’ Care How Old I Am If I Lose My Mom In The Supermarket I Will Panic

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4. Moms They Are Like Dads Only Smarter

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5. My Kids Call It Yelling When I Raise My Voice I Call It Motivational Speaking For The Selective Listener

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6. Not Only Am I An Amazing Mother But I Made Some Damn Good Looking Kids Too Yeah You Should Be Be Jealous.

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7. If A Woman Speaks And No One Is Listening Her Name Is Probably Mom

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8. Motherhood Powered By Love Fueled By Coffee Sustained By Wine

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9. Mom The Amazing Ability To Hear A Sneeze Through Closed Doors In The Middle Of The Night 3 Bedrooms

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10. To My Daughter Who Likes To Argue With Me Where Do You Think Your Attitude Comes From Give It Up I Have

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11. I Smile Because Im You Daughter I Laugh Because There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

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12. A Mothers Love Is Unconditional Her Temper Is Another Subject

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13. Mom What’s It Like To Have The Greatest Daughter In The World I Don’t Know Honey You Have To Ask Grandma

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14. Momster What Happens To Mom After She Counts To 3

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15. Dear Mom Thanks For Being My Mom If I Had A Different Mom I Would Punch Her In The Face And Go Find You Love Your Son

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