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1. Lord Please Give Me The Strength To Study.

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2. Based On A Psychologic Study A Crush Only Lasts For A Maximum Of 4 Month

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3. Why Don’t We Have Enough Time To Study? During The Year We Have 365 Days To Study. Out Of Them 52 Are Sundays So That Leaves Us With 313 Days. During Spring Due To The Good Weather Its Hard To Concentrate On Homework. Minus 50 Days. Now 263 Days Left. Usually A Person Sleeps 8 Hours Which Is 122 Days In Total. Now Only 141 Days Left To Study. All Of Us Spend At Least 1 Hour Doing Something We Like, That’s Minus Another 15 Days. 126 Days Left. Every Day We Spend At Least 2 Hours Eating.

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4. Making During Lectures I Will Totally Understand My Own Notes In A Couple Of Weeks When I’m Studying This…

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5. Study The Act Of Texting, Eating And Watching Tv With An Open Textbook Nearby.

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6. Studying Means 10% Reading And 90% Complaining To Your Friends That You Have To Study.

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7. Studying Studied.

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8. It’s Funny How We Can Remember The Lyrics To Hundreds Of Songs, But Can’t Remember Anything When We Study For A Test.

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9. Laziness Not Studying All Day, Feeling Guilty, Still Doing Nothing.

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10. That Feeling That Everything Is Fascinating When You’re Studying.

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11. Did You Study For The Test? True Story.

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12. 80% Of The Exam Is Always Based On 1 Lecture That You Missed And 1 Topic That You Didn’t Prepare.

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13. Even Staring At A Wall Becomes Interesting While Studying.

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14. Studies Have Shown That Intelligent People Swear More Than Stupid Motherfuckers.

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15. U Study..U Pass U Pass… U Get Happy U Play… U Get Tired..

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16. I Study I Take The Test I Pass It I Forget What I Learnt..

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17. Study.. Stud.. Stu… St..

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18. Study Tip: Stand Up. Stretch. Stretch. Take A Walk Go To The Airport Get On A Plane. Never Return.

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19. Things I Do When I Have To Study..

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20. Sleeping, Talking, Unlimited Texting, Dreaming, Yawning.

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