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1. Be A Bad Ass With A Good Ass

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2. 101 Badass Quotes About Life Love Hate

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3. I Could Kill You With Kindness But Kicking Your Ass Is More My Style

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4. I Hope Your Day Is As Nice As Your Butt

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5. I Don’t Need Someone The Good In Me I Need Someone Who Sees The Bad And Still Wants Em

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6. The Best Hug Is The One That Comes With A Solid Ass Grab

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7. Your Job Is Not To Judge Your Job Is Not To Figure Out If Someone Deserves Something Your Job Is To Lift The Fallen And To Heal The Hurting

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8. Love Your Fucking Life. Take Pictures Of Everything. Tell People You Love Them Talk To Random Strangers Do Things That You’re Scared To Do . Fuck It Because So Many Of Us Die And No One Remember A Thing We Did Take Your Life And Make It The Best Story In The World Don’t Waste That Shit

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9. You Know What’s Sexier Than A Bad Boy A Grown Ass Man With His Shit Together

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10. If You’re Talking Behind My Back You’re In A Good Position To Kiss My Ass

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11. Your Ass Looks Lonely Without My Hands On It

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12. It’s Hard To Resist A Bad Boy Who’s A Good Man

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13. Actually You And I Are Totally Finished Business You Suck I Don’t The End

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14. Boobs Are Good But Asses Are Great

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15. Good Things Come To Those Who Work Their Asses Off And Never Give Up

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16. I Learned A Man’s Be Alot Tougher Then The Timber He Cutting

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