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1. Just Like The Alphabet, Bitch. I Come Before U.

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2. I May Look Clam, But In My Head, I’ve Killed You There Time.

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3. Si Soy Puta O Santa Eso No Te Imposta, U Cuida Tu Vida Que De Mis Nalgas Me Encargo Yo.

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4. He’s Mine You May Have Had Him Once But I Got Him All The Time I Got Him All The Time.

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5. I’m Not The Jealous Type, But What’s Mine Is Mine. End Of Story.

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6. No We’re Not Dating, But He’s Still Mine.

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7. My Six Word Love Story He Is Mine And Only Mine.

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8. I Am His He Is Mine And Its Been That Way All Along.

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9. Keep Calm Because He’s Mine Now.

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10. Back Off Girls Hes Mine.

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11. Keep Calm I Know He’s Cute But He’s Mine Seriously Back Off.

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12. He’s Not Perfect, But He’s All I Want.

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13. He’s Cute Huh? Yeah, He’s Mine And I’m Psycho. Just Sayin.

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14. I Know We’re Not Dating, But Whenever I See Someone Else Flirting With You, I Want To Shoot Them In The Face.

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15. A Relationship Is Only Made For Two, But Some Bitches Don’t Know How To Count.

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16. My Six Word Love Story I’m His Forever. He’s Mine Always.

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17. The Perfect Guy Is Not One Who Has The Most Money Or The Most Handsome One You’ll Meet. He Is The One Who Knows How To Make You Smile And Will Take Care Of You Each And Everyday Until The End Of Time

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18. Calling Me Cute Is Nice Calling Me Hot Is Great But Calling Me Your Is All I Want

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19. You Think Flirting With My Boyfriend Is Cute Wait Until You See How Cute It When I Punch You In Your Stupid Looking Face Bitch

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20. Keep Calm And Believe It He’s Mine

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