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1. There One Question You Have To Answer In This Life Who Do You Want To Be.

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2. One Cannot Always Be A Hero, But One Can Always Be A Man.

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3. A Man Is Free To Go Up As High As He Can Reach Up To But I With All My Style And Pep, Can’t Get A Man My Equal Because A Girl Is Always Judged By Her Mother.

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4. Discipline Is Just Choosing Between What You Want Now And What You Want Most.

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5. At Some Point In Your Life You’re Going To Have To Start Demanding What You Deserve And Be Willing To Walk

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6. Man Up? No Woman Up Woman The Hell Up We Are Not Weak Emotional Basket Case We Are Strong, Powerful Confident, Driven Creature.

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7. Strong Willed Women Tend To Come Off As Cold Or Mean Simply Because They Refuse To Be Taken For Granted &Amp;/Or Mistreated.

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8. Get Up Step Up, Man Up Toughen Up Rise Up But Don’t Give Up.

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9. Dude, You Already Got Her, She’s Yours, So Step Up Man Up And Treat Er Right Or She Won;T Be Yours For Long.

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10. A Righteous Man Will Own Up To His Faults That’s The Difference Between A Man And A Boy.

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11. Last I Checked You Had A Penis So Quit Acting Like A Little Bitch.

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12. The Man Who Can Own Up To His Error Is Greater Than He Who Merely Knows How To Avoid Making It.

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13. When You Raise Your Standards, Only The Boys Will Disappear, The Men Will Step Up To Meet Them

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14. Every Man Has Two Options Either Stand Up And Be The Man She Need You To Be.

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15. Not One Single Female Can Make Me Jealous Over A Man

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16. They Say That God Only Give Us What We

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17. I’m Working On Myself For Myself By Myself.

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18. You Cannot Raise A Man Up By Calling Him

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19. You Cannot Raise A Man Up By Calling Him

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20. Your First Mistake Was You Mixed Up A Man

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21. Ego Aside Man Up Start Now.

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22. I Don’t Need A Perfect Relationship I Just Need

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