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1. Today I Shall Be Witty Charming And Elegant.. Or Maybe I’ll Say Um A Lot And Trip Over Things.

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2. I May Have Ms But Ms Does Not Have Me.

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3. While Everyone Experiences Being Tired Occasionally The Fatigue Associated With Ms

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4. Breathing Problems Ms Can Cause Muscle Weakness In Our Respiratory Muscles Giving Us One Of The Most Uncomfortable.

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5. One Day I Would Love To Say I Used To Have Ms.

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6. How Many Times Have You Been Approached By Well Meaning Friends Coworkers Or Loved Ones Who Say Things Like You Look Great

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7. Ms Means… Multiple Sclerosis Ms Means Many Symptoms Ms Means Many Struggles

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8. .Seriously Your Exasperating My Exacerbation.

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9. Ms Nobody Gets It Until They Get It I’m Not Drunk I Have Ms.

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10. Multiple Sclerosis Is A Chronic Unpredictable Disease Of The Central Nervous System Thought To Be An Autoimmune Disorder.

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11. I Officially Resign From Adulthood Decisions Will Be Made Using The Eenie Meeni Minie Moe Method And Arguments Will Be Settled By Sticking My Out My Tongue I’ll Be At Recess If You Need Me.

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12. Because Of Ms I Have The Memory Of A Gold Fish Once Around The Sowl It’s Already Forgotten.

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13. The Dr. Seuss Ms Poem I Love Ms It’s Just So

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14. What To Know About M.S. It Is Not My Fault. It Is Not Contagious. It Is Not A Death Sentence. It Is Something I Live With Every Minute Of My Life. If You Want To Help Me. Start By Understanding.

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15. Means.. Ms Means Multiple Sderosis

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16. Warning I Have Multiple Sclerosis And If I Bear One More Person Say But You Don’t Look Sick Everybody Gets Tired. You’re Just Getting Older If You’d Get Out More.

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17. I Am Sick I’m Not Stupid

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18. Doesn’t Look Like I’m Sick Well, You Don’t Look Stupid Looks Can Be Deceiving.

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