Old Age Quotes Sayings

Best Old Age Quotes Sayings

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1. Forty Is The Old Age Or Youth Fifty Is The Youth Of Old Age.

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2. A Pretty Face Will Always Grow Old A Nice Body Will Always Change With Age However.. A Good Soul Will Always Be A Good Soul.

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3. At Age 20 We Worry About What Others Think Of Us. At Age 40 We Don’t Care What They Think Of Us. At Age 60 We Discover They Haven’t Been Thinking Of Us At All.

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4. The Advantage Of Old Age Is That You Get Many People To Love.

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5. Those Who Love Deeply Never Grow Old They May Die Of Ole Age, Abut They Die Young

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6. Age Is Not How Old You Are But How Many Years Of Fun You’ve Had.

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7. The Secret Of Genius Is To Carry The Spirit Of The Child Into Old Age Which Means Never Losing Your Enthusiasm.

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8. One Advantage To Being 102 There’s No Peer Pressure.

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9. Old Age Is Like Climbing A Mountain You Climb From Ledge To Ledge The Higher You Get, The More Tired And Breathless You Become, But Your Views Become More Extensive.

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10. Try To Keep Your Soul Young And Quivering Right Up To Old Age.

Famous Old Age Quotes Sayings

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11. Growing Old Is Mandatory But Growing Up Is Optional.

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12. Let Us Never Know What Old Age Is Let Us Know The Happiness Time Brings, Not Count The Years.

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13. Age Is Question Of Mind Over Matter If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter.

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14. To Me Old Age Is Always Ten Years Older Than I Am.

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15. Do Not Regret Growing Older It’s A Privilege Denied To Many.

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16. I Don’t Feel Old I Don’t Feel Anything Until Non Then Its Time For My Nap.

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17. Old Age Is Just A Record Of One’s Whole Life.

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18. Forty Is The Old Age Of Youth Fifty The Youth Of Old Age

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19. Old Age Only Occurs When Regrets Take The Place Of Drams

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20. Growing Old Is Compulsory Growing Up Is Optional.

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