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1. Never Gain Cluter Your Day

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2. Listen Any Bitch Can Spend Time With You Blow A Dime With You Cuff

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3. Im Old School I Still Believe In Respect

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4. Dear Mom I May Not Like You Always We May Have Argument And Fights Sometimes But There’s One Thing That You Should Always

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5. If Dont’ Nobody Got Me I Got Me Im Down For Me Loyal To Me There For Me

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6. Isn’t Who’s With You At Your Celebration Is Who’s Standing Next To You At Rock Bottom

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7. Best Thing Teacher Taught Me Keep My Eyes On My Own Paper

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8. Listen To People When They Are Angry Because That Is When The Real Truth Comes Out

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9. My Grind Came From Seeing My Mom Struggle

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10. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

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11. My Mind Is Dangerous My Mouth Piece Is The Killer

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12. Im Street So Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me

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13. I Will Act Now I Will Act Now I Will Act Now I Will Repeat These Words Each Hour Each Day Everyday Until The Words

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14. Dont Get Confused Between My Personality &Amp; My Attitude My Personality Is Who I Am My Attitude Depends On Who You Are

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15. There’s 3 Things You Should Know About Me

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16. 0 Such Thing As Key Or Bad Money Just Money

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17. When You Start Seeing Your Worth You’ll Find It Harder To Stay Around People Who Don’t

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18. Im Currently Making Changes In My Life If You Don’t Hear From Me You’re One Of Them

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19. The Best Feelings Is When Someone Appreciate Everything About You That Someone Else Took For Granted

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20. You Know My Name Not My Story You’ve Heard What I’ve Done Not What I’ve Been Through

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21. I’m Currently Making Changes In My Life If You Don’t Hear From Me You’re One Of Them

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22. Keep Calm Because When I Was On Some Us Shit You’was On Some You Shit Now That Im On Some Me Shit

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23. Loyality Its What We Live Us Respect It’s What We Die For

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24. Maybe One Day I’ll Be What You Need But Don’t Want Too Long

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