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Best Real Woman Quotes

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1. Real Men And Woman Stay Faithful. They Don’t Have Time Took For Others…

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2. A Real Woman.. Has Curves Is Skinny Has Muscles Is Whatever The Hell She Wants To Be..

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3. Be A Woman Of Substance. Be A Real Woman. It Is Difficult To Break Sown A Real Woman Because She Will…

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4. You Can Break Down A Woman Temporarily But A Real Woman Will Always Pick Up The Pieces…

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5. Funny Thing About A Real Woman. They Don’t Need You….

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6. A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman. Be Very Careful When You Make A Woman Cry..

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7. Learn The Difference Between A Woman And A Girl. Same Gender Different Breed.

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8. A Real Woman Can Handle A Busy Man She’ll Respect His Hustle &Amp; If He’s A Real Man…

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9. Real Men Stay Faithful. They Don’t Have Time To Look For Another Woman Because They’re…

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10. Real Women Don’t Get Excited About Text Message And Promises…

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11. Real Women Are Strong, Resilient, Independent,Loyal And Lovable. One Thing About Them Is They Never Settle.

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12. Never Put Any Man Over Your Children If He Can’t Accept Them Then He Can’t Accept You..

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13. A Real Man Gives His Woman Her Place In His Life. She Will Never Be Jealous Of Woman…

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14. A Real Woman Is A Freak In Bed. A Chef In The Kitchen. A Therapist During Hard Times..

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15. A Little Girl Seeks Revenge. A Real Woman Moves On While Karma Does Her Dirty Work.

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16. Woman Are More Attracted To Men Who Pay Attention To The Little…

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17. A Real Woman Avoids Drama, She Know Her Time Is Precious And She’s Not Wasting It On Unimportant Things.

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18. Any Woman Can Spend A Mans Money, Ride In His Car, Order Off The Menu. But Only A Real Woman Can Help A Man…

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19. A Real Woman Will Be Honest No Matter How Painful The Truth Is…

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20. Sometimes.. The Issue Is Simply That Their Ceiling Is Your Floor…

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21. Hoes Want Attention Real Woman Want Respect.

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