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1. There Should Be An Anti- Father’s Day, A Bad Dad’s Day. That Way I Could Truly Say You’re The Best.

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2. I Wish They Made Father’s Day Cards For Crappy Dad’s We May Be Biologically Related, But The Only Emotional Attachment I Have To You Is Anger. Happy Father’s Day . You Shitty Human Being.

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3. I Swear Some Men Were Conceived Though Anal Sex. There Is No Way Being That Much Of An Asshole Is Natural.

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4. Dear Deadbeat Dads. If You Don’t Spend Any Time With Your Kids When They Are Young, Don’t Be Surprised When They Don’t Want To Spend Any Time With You When They Are Old Enough To See What Kind Of Parent You Are.

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5. Facebook Helping Dead- Beat Dads Pretend To Be Involved.

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6. Clothes, Cars. Homes And Money Does Not Define A Good Man Or A Good Father Character, Good Morality, Respect. Honesty And Handling Your Responsibilities Do.

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7. A Man Ain’t Shit If He’s No Father To His Children.

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8. If I Could Give You One Thing In Life, I Would Give You The Ability To See Yourself Through My Eyes, Only Then Would You Realize What A Piece Of Shit You Are.

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9. Anyone Can Have A Child And Call Themselves A Parent. A Real Parent Is Someone Who Puts That Child Above Their Own Selfish Need And Wants.

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10. There’s Nothing Worse Than A Man That Can Be Everything To Everybody Else.. Except A Father To Their Own Child.

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11. You’re The Greatest Weekend Dad Ever.

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12. A Man Should Never Disrespect The Mother Of His Child.

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13. Sorry, That Mommy Has To Teach You How To Be A Man.

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14. Anyone Can Have A Child And Call Themselves A Parent.

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15. I Wish Hall Mark Made Cards For Deadbeat Dads Who Came.

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16. Dear Dad I Made It Without You.

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17. He’s Nice Now But He Was On Ashore Just Cause A Place Of Shit

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