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1. Strong Willed Ambitious Independent Loyal Hardworking Blunt Studious Reliable Classy Self Assured.

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2. Many Wouldn’t Guess That Taurus Women Are Naturally Introverts, Since They Don’t Hesitate To Take On Leadership Roles And They Have No Problem With Going After What They Want.

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3. She Is Independent And Has A Mind O Her Own. She Is Quiet But Has Strong Opinions, Therefore Is Hard To Beat In An Argument As She Generally Knows What She Is Talking.

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4. End Of An Affair It Cant Take A Really Long Time For Taureans To Decide To Leave A Relationship Because Of Their Loyalty, However, Once A Taurus Makes

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5. She’s Not Afraid To Go After What She Wants; Her Love Is Loyal And Her Heart Is Passionate For The Ones She Truly Cares For ; She Like Things Her Way And Hates

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6. I Can Tell You A Lot About Her. She’s Someone With A Huge Heart, She Will Bend Over Backwards And Fold.

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7. While The Taurus Woman Can Exert Wondrous Femininity She Is Also Quite The Tomboy At Heart.

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8. Taurus Love To Help Others Sort Though Their

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9. She Will Not Lead You And She Will Not Follow You

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10. The Taurus Lady Is Sensual And Sensible Something Of An Of And Earth Godless.

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11. A Taurus Will Always Find Things Out, They Might Not Say Anything Right Away But They Can Put Two.

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12. Taurus Woman Has Unwatchable Strength When It Comes To Handling Even The Most Severe Emotional Problems.

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13. The Freak In Bed Rare To Find Loves Being In Long Relationships Like To Give A Good Fight For What They Want, Extremely.

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14. Taurus Women Never Disappoints.

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15. They Type Of Person Who Attracts A Taurus Woman Is The Classic Strong And Silent Type.

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16. Taurus Are Stubborn, You Will Need A Crowbar To Get These Individuals To Budge. Do Not Do Emotions Well You Won’t Get An Answer To How

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17. If A Taurus Woman Loves You,

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18. Taurus Have A Very Interesting Balance Of Independence And Submissiveness In Relationships. The Two Combine Into An Easygoing Person.

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19. If You Love A Someone Let Them Go, If It Comes Back To You It.

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