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1. You Can All Go To Hell, I’m Going To Taxes.

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2. She’s As Bright As The Dallas Sky, She Always Holds Her Head Up High, She Loves The Company Of Her Family. She Has Faith In God’s Greater Plan , She Trust I’m A Good Man &Amp; That’s Why

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3. An Oilfield Marriage Is Watching The Same Sunset Form Two Different Parts Of The World, And Hoping Its Just A Beautiful Of Her As It Is For You.

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4. He Says Lord I Never Complain I Never Ask Why But Please Don’t Let My Dreams Run Dry.. Underneath This

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5. Always Look Up.

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6. May Your Trails Be Crooked Winding Lonesome, Dangerous, Leading To The Most Amazing View.

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7. You Freckles Are The Most Beautiful Stars.

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8. Overthinking Leads To Negative Thoughts.

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9. The Stars At Nights Are Big And Bright.

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10. It Is Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly. What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye.

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11. The Sky Is Taxes Is The Most Amazing Sky In The Whole Country, I Think, Like You Can See More Sky In Taxes Than Can See Anywhere Else In The World

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12. In Texas It’s Always Not Dry, Sunny, Not A Cloud In The Sky

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13. Texas Is My Happy Place.

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14. The Sky Is An Infinite Movie To Me. I Never Get Tired Of Looking At What’s Happening Up There.

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15. You May All Go To Hell, And I Will Go To Texas.

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16. Everybody Thinks It’s Going To Be So Glamorous, So Cool, You’re On Glee, You Know A Hit Show Or Whatever.

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17. I Am Somewhere Between Feeling At Home Driving On And Falling In Love With The Texas Sky.

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18. It Takes A Real Storm In The Average Person’s Life To Make Him Realize How Much.

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19. For One Minute Walk Outside Stand There. In Silence Look Up At The Sky And Contemplate How Amazing Life Is.

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20. In Texas It’s Ways Hot, Dry Sunny Not A Could In The Sky.

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