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1. I Constantly Wake Up Every Morning Trying To Get Better, Trying To Improve, Trying To Walk Closer To God.

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2. Hard Work Bests Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard.

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3. Success Comes In A Lot Of Ways, But It Doesn’t Come With Money And It Doesn’t Come With Fame. It Comes Form Having A Meaning In Your Life,

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4. I’m Not Perfect I’m Never Going To Be, And That’s The Great Thing About Living The Christian Life And Trying To Live By

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5. Regardless Of What Happens, I Still Honor My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Because At The End Of The Day That’s What’s

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6. I Don’t Know What My Future Holds But I Do Know Who Holds My Future.

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7. When You Die There’s Going To Be A Tombstone. It’s Going To Have Your Name It’s Gonna Have The Year You’re Born And The Day You Die.

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8. When We Strive To Be Like Everyone Else, We Never Have A Chance To Be Special

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9. When You Stay Put In Your Comfort Zone, You Don’t Grow You Don’t Stretch. You’re Not Challenged You Stay The Same Stagnant.

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10. I’ll Always Use The Negativity As More Motivation To To Work Even Harder And Become Even Stronger.

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11. I Don’t Think It’s Tebow Time I Just Think It’s Bronco Time And The Team Steps Up As A Team We Play For One Another And Continue To Trust One Another And I Think That Makes

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12. What God Knows About Us Is More Important Than What Others Think.

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13. The More You Choose To Trust God

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14. We Have To Humble Ourselves, And The Way You Do That Is By Serving Other People.

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15. Faithful Through The Good Times As Well As The Bad.

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16. I Don’t Know What My Future Holds But I Do Know Who Holds My Future.

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17. If You Believe Unbelievable Things Can Sometimes Be Possible I Think That’s

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18. I Don’t Know What My Future Holds But I Do Know Who Holds My Future.

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19. You And I Were Created By God To Be So Much More Than Normal.

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20. When The World Says Give Up Hope Whispers Try It One More Time.

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21. Just Keep Believing This Is And Opportunity Where Great Things Can Happen And

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