101 Funny Facts

101 Funny Facts that will make you smile. These are very interesting fun facts that you have to know. Learn new things in your life after reading this article.

Most Funny Facts That Will Make You Laugh

The word “crisp” starts at the back your mouth and ends at the front.

Every second, lightning strikes the ground 100 times.

Every second, the sun is shooting one million tons of matter into space.

Your age is the number of times you’ve orbited around the sun.

It takes 53 gallons of water to produce a single egg.

Sharks return to their own birthplace to give birth.

Male and female brains are wired differently.

Mushrooms create their own breeze.

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The largest living organism is a giant honey mushroom.

Truffles are the most expensive food in the world.

The brain treats rejection like physical pain.

Every second, 16 million tons of water evaporates from the Earth’s surface.

Every second, a bee can flap its wings 11,000 times.

Another word for growling tummy sounds in “borborygmi”.

Cows have distinct accents in their mooing, depending on where they are from.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.

There’s volcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava.

After reading this post you will not recognize that the the brain doesn’t recognize the second ‘the’.

Bubble wrap was originally intended to be used as wallpaper.

Every human being starts out as an asshole: it’s the first part of the body to form in the womb.

Receiving a text message which says, “”can I ask you a question” is known to scare 99% of people!

You are completely blind for hours every day, but Saccadic Masking renders you totally unaware of it.

Cool 101 Funny Facts

Tears caused by sadness, happiness and onions look different under the microscope.

The expiration date on water bottles is for the bottle, not the water.

Bird poop is white because they don’t pee.

First law of cartoon physics: gravity doesn’t work until you look down.

You can always see your nose, but your mind just ignores it.

Tree can die from old age.

Turritopsis dohrnii, a jellyfish that reverts to an earlier stage in its development cycle in order to cheat death.

Samsung means “three stars” in Korean.

Outer space is only an hours’ drive away – if your car could drive straight up.

88% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles.

The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.

It is estimated that millions of trees are planted by forgetful squirrels.

France once controlled more than 8% of the world’s land.

Some snakes survive for two years without a meal.

A strawberry isn’t an actual berry, but a banana is.

Some fish, like triggerfish, can swim backwards.

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.

The Earth’s core is about as hot as the sun.

A lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry.

Beavers have orange teeth.

There are about 1 million ants for every person in the world.

Flamingos turn pink from eating shrimp.

Wrapping rubber bands around the ends of hangers can prevent clothes from slipping off.

Your skull is made up of 29 different bones.

101 Fun and Funny Facts

An octopus has three hearts.

Fish have eyelids.

Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.

Gelatin is derived from collagen, a protein collected from animal skin.

The giant panda is actually a bear.

The year 2015 will be one second longer than usual because of the slowing of the Earth’s rotation.

Google has been acquiring 2 companies per month since 2010.

Blue flames are hotter than red flames.

On Venus, it snows metal. Two types have been discovered so far: galena and bismuthinite.

You recall memories better with your eyes closed.

People with blue eyes have a higher alcohol tolerance.

Men are more likely to say “I Love you” first than women are.

Newborn babies cannot cry tears for at least three weeks.

Hippopotamus milk is pink.

There is no substitute for human blood.

Your heart rate slows when your face touches water; it’s called the mammalian dive reflex.

There’s actually a blind spot in your vision, but your brain fills it in.

You have never seen your face, only pictures and reflections.

Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

Heavier, not bigger lemons produce more juice.

Sound waves can make objects levitate.

Water melons may improve athletic performance and curb the effects of muscle soreness.

Nepal is the only country that doesn’t have a rectangular flag.

Human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.

A newborn baby has one cup of blood in his body.

The tongue is the only muscle in the body only connected at one end.

People are more likely to make good decisions when they need to urinate.

Someone needs blood every 2 seconds.

A jellyfish is approximately 95% water.

Place a slice of bread in the storage container to keep cookies soft when storing.

Unique 101 Funny Facts

Paper currency isn’t made of paper; it’s actually a blend of cotton and linen.

A tiger’s night vision is six times better than a human’s.

Your big toe only has 2 bones and the rest have 3.

Bananas are one of the few fruit that keep ripening after they’re picked, which is why they’re harvested green.

Ear wax from whales keep record of ocean contaminants.

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth.

Humans can outrun nearly every other animal on planet over long distances.

The human brain takes in 11 million individuals pieces of information per second but is only cognizant of roughly 40.

A handshake transfers more germs than a kiss.

Seahorses don’t have stomachs. Their intestines, which break down and absorb the nutrients from their food, serve its functions for them.

Besides humans, elephants are the only animals that can be taught to stand on their head.

Life jackets used to be filled with sunflower seeds for flotation.

India has more population than the entire western hemisphere on Earth.

Lemons ripen after you pick them, but oranges do not.

Chicago is named after smelly garlic that once grew in the area.

The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out.

Owls are one of the only birds who can see the color blue.

Of all the trees in Australia, 75% are eucalyptus.

Bamboo, the world’s tallest grass, can grow up to 90 cm in a day.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.

The domain GoogleSucks.com is owned by Google.

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress females.

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