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1. We Was Young And We Was Dumb But We Had Heart In The Dark When We Survived Though The Bad Parts

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2. When I Was Alone And Had Nothing I Asked For A Friend To Help Me Bear The Pain No One Came Except God When I Need A Breath To Rise, From My Sleep On One Could Help Me, Except God When All I Saw Was Sadness And I Needs Answers On One Heard Me,

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3. I Know It Seem Hard Sometimes But Through Every Dark Night There’s A Bright Day After That So No Matter How Hard It Get, Stick Your Chest Out Keep Your Head Up…

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4. I Know It Seems Hard Sometimes But Remember One Thing Through Every Dark Night There’s Bright Day After That So No Matter How Hard It Get
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5. How Many Brutish Fell Victim To The Street Rest In Peace Young Nigga There S A Heaven For A G, It D Be A Lie If I Told You That I Never Thought Of Death,

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6. There’s Gonna Be Some Stuff You Gonna See That ‘S Gonna Make It Hard To Smile In The Future, But Though Whatever You See, Through All The Rain And All The Pain, You Gotta Keep Your Sense Of Humor..

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7. I’m Not Saying I’m Gonna Change The World But I Guarantee That I Will Spark The Brain That Will Change The World.

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8. No One Knows My Struggle, They Only See The Trouble.

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9. Happy Are Those Who Dream Dreams And Are Ready To Pay…

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10. I’m Not Saying Girls Are Perfect That’s Not True…

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11. Forgive But Don’t Forget, Girl Keep Your Head Up And When He Tells You Ain’t Nothing, Don’t Believe Him

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12. Things Will Never Be The Same, That’s Just The Way It Is.

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13. I Don’t Have No Fear Of Death. My Only Fear Is Coming Back Reincarnated.

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14. No One Knows My Struggle, They Only See The Trouble…

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15. My Mama Always Used To Tell Me…

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16. Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life…

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17. When I Was A Little Baby, I Remember That One Moment…

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18. You Gotta Be Able To Smile Though The..

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19. Everybody’s At War With Different Things.

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20. This Fast Life Soon Shatters…

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21. The Realest People.

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