Best Bad Kids Quotes

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1. There’s A Big Difference Between Letting Kids Be Kids And Letting Kids Be Little Assholes

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2. I Hate The Phrase Kids Will Be Kids I Think It Should Be Replaced With Bad Parenting Results In Assholes

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3. Odd Is Not Caused Be Bad Parenting

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4. When You Become A Parent Remember Don’t Allow

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5. I Understand That You’re Hesitant To Discipline Your Child Because You Don’t Want To Be The Bad Guy

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6. Kids I Think It Should Be Replaced With Bad Parenting Results In Assholes

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7. If My Kids Continue To Misbehave I Fear The Worst Will Happen. And No Mother Should Ever Have To Bury Her Child Alive

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8. Children Learn More From What You Are Than What You Teach

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9. When I Was Younger I Didn’t Get My Phone Taken Away Or Grounded From Xbox I Got An Ass Whoopin

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10. It’s So Cute How You Let Your Child Act Like A Raging Brat And You Just Laugh About It

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11. Giving Our Children Everything They Want Makes Them Demanding And Ungrateful And They Never Learn

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12. In My World There Are No Kids Are Bad

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when a child comes to school and is irritable not performing well or having a bad day it is likely because they didn’t sleep well some kids are kind of misunderstood in behavior problems because they are sleep deprived whatever is keeping them up they don’t get

13. Remember How Patient I Was While You Acted Up In The Store Hang On The That Memory Cause Im Gonna Woop Your Ass When We Get Home

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14. There Are No Bad Children There Are Bad Choices There Are Bad Moments There Are Bad Days There Are Bad Situations But There Are No Bad Children Period

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15. Whenever I See A Woman With A Bratty Kid I Think To Myself I Hope That Orgasm Was Worth It

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