Bad Parenting Quotes

Best Bad Parenting Quotes

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1. Parenting Rules Without Relationship = Rebellion Relationship Without Rules = Chaos Relationship + Rules = Respect + Responsibility

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2. I Hate Getting On Fb And Seeing All These Moms Partying Hanging Out With People Or Taking Selfies Of Themselves Half Naked Where Are Your Children And Why Don’t You Mention Them Or Take Pictures With Them

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3. Giving Our Children Everything They Want Makes Them Demanding And Ungrateful.And They Never Learn How To Be Self Controllec Think About This Next Time You Give In To You Screaming Child

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4. If Your Child Gets Angry Quickly The Reason Might Be You Have Not Prased Them Enough They Only Get Attention Misbehaving

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5. Children Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice So That You Can Have The Life You Want You Make Carcifices So Your Children Can Have The Life That They Deserve

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6. Ive Got Two Rules About Children I You Never Ask Them To Deal With Adult Issue You Never

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7. Just Because Your Pain Is Understandable Doesn’t Mean Your Behaviour Is Acceptable

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8. When You Become A Parent Remember Don’t Allow Anything In Your Life That You Don’t Want Reproduced In Your Children

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9. Motherhood Is A Choice You Male Everyday To Put Someone Else’s Happiness And Well Being Ahead Of Your Own To Teach The Hard Lessons To Do The Right Thing Even When You’re Not Sure What The Right Thing Is And To Forgive Yourself Over And Over Again For Doing Everything Wrong

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10. Children Learn More From What You Are Than What You Teach

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11. I Hate The Phrase Kids Will Be Kids I Think If Should Be Replaced With Bad Parenting Result In Assholes

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12. Anyone Can Have A Child And Call Themselves A Parent A Real Parent Is Someone Who Puts That Child Above Their Own Selfish Needs And Wants

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13. Don’t Play The Victim To Circumstances You Created….

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14. Children Must Be Taught How To Think Not What To Think….

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15. The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

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