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1. It’s Nice To Be Important. But It’s More Important To Be Nice.

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2. Don’t Be Dick Just Be Nice It’s That Easy.

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3. Treat Everyone With Politeness, Even Those Who Are Rude To You Not Because They Ate Nice But Because You Are Nice.

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4. The Real Test Of Your Character Is How You Treat The People You Don’t Have To Be Nice To.

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5. If You Can’t Be Kind Be Quiet.

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6. Sometimes You Have To Be Kind To Others, Not Because They’re Nice But Because You Are.

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7. Be Nice To Everyone, Always Smile And Appreciate Things Because It Could All Be Gone Tomorrow.

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8. It’s Nice To Be Important But It’s More Important To Be Nice

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9. It Costs Nothing To Be Nice.

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10. You Will Never Regret Being Kind.

Famous Be Nice Quotes

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11. If You Met Yourself, Would You Want To Be Friends With You.

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12. Be Sure To Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out.

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13. Be Nice Or Leave Thank You.

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14. If The Words You Spoke Appeared On Your Skin, Would You Still Be Beautiful.

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15. Just Be Nice Good Goes Around.

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16. Kindness, It Doesn’t Cost A Damn Thing. Sprinkle That Shit Everywhere.

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