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Best Cancer Sign Quotes

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1. If A Cancer Wanted Revenge They Usually Do It In The Simplest Yet Most Hurtful Way Need For A Drama Show

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2. Sometimes A Cancer Will Put Up Walls To See If The People Who Are Supposed To Know Them Best Actually Gives A Fuck To Them Down …

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3. A Cancer Is The Type To Give People Chance After Chance But When They’re Done That’s It They Will Cut Ties And Wish You Good Luck

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4. Once A Cancer Has Love For You There Will Always Be A Spot In Their Heart For You Regardless Of The Reason Of Separation

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5. More Than Any Other Sign Cancers Are Usually Prone To Emotional Stress Because They Give Too Much And Get So Little In Return

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6. A Cancer Is Most Known For Being Very Sensitive Putting Family First Being Homebodies Being Overrotective And Caring Having Great Intuiltion Having Trouble Letting Go Of Past

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7. A Cancer Has The Heart Of Gold And You Don’t Want To See How Heartless This Sign Can Become When They Stop Caring

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8. There Are Three Are Three Stages To Cancer’s Anger They Will First Begin Sulking As A Warning. If It Goes Unnoticed They Will Send Off Another Warning By Shrouding Their Grrowing Anger In A From Of Passive Aggressiveness And Then The Final Stage All Hell Breaks Loose They Will Point Out Every Then Some In One Long Session

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9. The Best Thing You Can Do For A Cancer Is To Not Shut Them Out Once They Feel A Level Of Distance They Begin To Back Away From You.

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10. Cancer Traits You Are Emotional Sentimental Imaginative Sensitive Faithful Protective Vulnerable Caring Adaptable Generous Romantic Tender And Poetic Minded But You Can Also Be Unrealistic,Evasive Passive Anxious Dependent Stubborn Moody Lazy And Touchy

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11. Just Don’t Ever Lie To A Cancer As They Can Detect It A Mile Away And Will Never Look At You The Same Again

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12. I’m Tired Of Fighting For Once I Want To Be Fought For…

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13. Although They Will Listen To Other’s Problems And Help Them A Cancer Rarely Expresses Their Own Deep Feeling To Anyone

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14. One Thing To Remember About Cancers Is That Even The Cutest Of Crabs Still Have Daws

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15. Cancer As A Cancer You Have Great Emotioanl Memory So It Can Take You A While To Forgive Someone Who’s Hurt You Terribly.

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16. Most Amazing Kisser Love Is One Of A Kind Quiet Honest Very Romantic Freak Cancer Creative Most Caring Person You Will Ever Meet Spontaneous Caring Pleasure Be Around

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17. When You’re Interested In A Subject

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18. Cancer What They Hate

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19. Cancers Are Loyal Even When Single

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