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It's Just Like Damn Cardi B Quotes

Best Cardi B Quotes

I'm A Boss In Cardi B Quotes
1. I’m A Boss In A Skirt, I’m A Dog, I’m A Flirt.

When I Fuck With Cardi B Quotes
2. When I Fuck With People, I Fuck With Them Heavy And I Expect The Same.

I Think It Brothers Cardi B Quotes
3. I Think It Brothers Ppl When You Not Out Here Lookin To Be Accepted By Everyone You Just Doin You & Minding Your Business. People Hate That.

But One Day She Cardi B Quotes
4. But One Day She Can Be Like,

They See Pictures They Cardi B Quotes
5. They See Pictures They Say, ‘Goals,’ Bitch, I’m Who They Tryna Be.

And Karma For You Cardi B Quotes
6. And Karma For You Is Gon’ Be Who You End Up With

It's Just Like Damn Cardi B Quotes
7. It’s Just Like, Damn – I’m Competing With Myself.

I'm An Emotional Gangster Cardi B Quotes
8. I’m An Emotional Gangster, I Cry Once A Month.

Honestly I'm Not Claiming Cardi B Quotes
9. Honestly I’m Not Claiming Anybody Unless It’s Mutual, Cuz 9/10 There’s Another Bitch Smiling At Her Phone Off Some Shit “My Man” Sent Her

Best Lesson I Ever Cardi B Quotes
10. Best Lesson I Ever Learned In Life Came From The Worst Feeling I Ever Felt In Life.

Famous Cardi B Quotes

I Deal With A Cardi B Quotes
11. I Deal With A Lot Of Stuff On My Own No Guidance No Friends No Shoulders To Lean On 100 I Cry On My Own Shoulder Shit.

Can't Stress Over A Cardi B Quotes
12. Can’t Stress Over A Nigga Who Don’t Do Shit For You. Cause If Yall Stop Talking Whats Going To Be Different? Nothing!

Me Unbothered Moisturized In Cardi B Quotes
13. Me: Unbothered, Moisturized, In My Lane, Well-Hydrated, Flourishing.

Lord Please Help Me Cardi B Quotes
14. Lord Please Help Me Control My Anger, My Mouth, And My Mood Swings…That’s All I Ask…

If A Girl Have Cardi B Quotes
15. “If A Girl Have Beef With Me, She Gon Have Beef With Me *spins in ho* Foreva” Cardi 7:32

You Sould Really Be Cardi B Quotes
16. “You Should Really Be Nicer” Me: I’m Being Nice To You. Have I Stabbed You? No.

I Don't Care About Cardi B Quotes
17. “I Don’t Care About Anyone Not Liking Me, You Bitches Barely Like Yourself.” – Cardi B

When Someone Says They're Cardi B Quotes
18. When Someone Says They’re Scared Of Me Because I’m Being Mean

When Cardi B Said Cardi B Quotes
19. When Cardi B Said “You Even Got Me Trippin’, You Got Me Lookin’ In The Mirror Different, Thinkin’ I’m Flawed Because You Inconsistent” I Felt That !!

Don't Make Me Think Cardi B Quotes
20. Don’t Make Me Think I’m The Only One And You Wanna Be The Only One, When You Want Others

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