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1. Believe In Yourself &Amp; You Will Be Unstoppable.

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2. Remember For Everything You Have Lost, You Have Gained Something Else. Without You Would Never See The Stars.

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3. Don’t Ever- Think Things Go With The Flow. See Where It Takes You Love Is Unpredictable, You Know.

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4. Believe In Yourself, Never Lose Your Faith.

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5. You Have To Fight Through Some Bad Days To Earn The Best Days Of Your Life.

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6. Everyday May Not Be Good But There Is Something Good In Every Day.

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7. Hello, I’m The Happiness Fairy, I’ve Sprinkled Happy Dust On You. Now Smile Dammit, This Shit’s Expensive.

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8. A Good Friend Will Make You Forget Why You Cried And Make You Laugh When You Thought You Couldn’t.

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9. Cheer Up Buttercup. No Matter How Many People You Think Hate You Always Remember There Is At Least One Person That Thinks You Are The Greatest.

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10. With Every Rising Of The Sun Think Of Your Life As Just Begun.

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11. When It Rains, It Pours.. But Soon, The Sun Shines Again. Better Days Are Ahead.

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12. When It Rains, It Pours.. But Soon, The Sun Shines Again. Stay Positive. Better Days Are On Their Way.

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13. Right Now You Can Cry To Your Heart’s Content. But Trust Me, Someday You Will Wake And Forget About Him.

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14. Those Who Do No Know How To Weep With Their Whole Heart Do Not Laugh Either.

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15. When Your Ax Asks If You Cab Still Be Friends Right After A Break-Up It’s Like Having A Kidnapper Tell You To Keep In Touch.

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16. When He Breaks Up With You It’s Because He Finally Realized That He Wasn’t Good Enough For You And That He’s Letting You Go Free To Find The One.

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17. People Will Always Throw Stones In Your Path What Will Happen Depends On What You Make Out Of It Wall Or Bridge So Cheer Up And Move On.

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18. God Gives Us Dreams Each Night So We Can Turn Them Into A Reality Each Day Live Your Dreams.

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19. A Break Up Is Like A Broken Mirror…

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20. Although Life May Not B Easy Now, In The End It’s All Worth It.

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