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Best Cowgirl Love Quotes

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1. Every Cowgirl Know.. If You’re Wantin To Find Yourself A Good Stallion, Don’t Go Looking In The Donkey Corral.

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2. Don’t Keep Calm E Carry On Put On Your Con Girl Boots Kick Some All.

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3. I Ain’t As Good As I’m Gonna Get But I’m Better Than I Used To Be.

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4. What’s A Cowgirl Without Her Horse Cowgirl Hat Cowgirl Boots And Her Cowboy.

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5. When Two Hearts Make A Stand Together On The Solid Rock Of Trust They Could Be A Million Miles From Each Other And Still Be Side By Side In Love I Want To Love You Like That Forever.

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6. I’m Gonna Love You Forever And Ever Aaneem.

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7. She’s The Cowgirl Like No Other He’s My Cowboy For Ever &Amp; Ever.

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8. When All The Other Little Girls Wanted To Be Ballet Dancers… I Wanted To Be A Cowgirl.

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9. Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite.

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10. When We Ride We Never Worry About The Fall. I Guess That’s Just Cowboy In Us All..

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11. Tell Me It Can’t Be Done, And I Will Do It Tell Me The Goal Is Too High And I Will Reach It. Place An Obstical In Front Of Me…

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12. I Wont Mess With Your Head Or Play With You Heart, Cuz I’m A Real Girl And I Finish What I Start.

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13. You Are The Author Of Your Oum Life’s Story.

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14. Anyone Can Put On A Cowboy Hat And Call Themselves A Country Boy But It Takes A True Country Boy To Understand The Meaning Behind It Its Not About Fishing, Hunting Or Four-Wheeling.

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15. I Don’t Need No Prince Charming In A Limo All I Need Is A Redneck Romeo In A 4 By 4 Pickup.

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16. Wanted Good Looking, God Loving Looking To Be Loved, Cowgirl. Must Be Able To Be Held, Trusted, Kissed Danced With Spoiled &Amp; Above All Else Love This Cowboy For Who He Is, Cause He’ll Do The Same For His Cow Girl.

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17. A Cowgirl Can Be Your Best Friend, Or Worst Nightmare, It All Depends On How You Treat Her.

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18. A Real Cowgirl Can Do It All By Herself But A Real Cowboy Won’t Let Her.

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19. It’s A State Of Mind The Adventurous Kind A Free Spirit, Living To The Limit Giving Her Best, Living Her Best, Rough, Tough, Soft Enough..

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20. I’m Not Short I’m Compact And Ridiculously Adorable.

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21. The Will To Sin The Desire To Succeed The Urge To Reach Your Full Potential.. These Are The Keys That Will Unfrock The Doors To Personal Excellence.

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22. I Promise Myself That I Will Enjoy Every Minute Of The Day That Is Given..

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