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1. Seriously, I Don’t Know When Exactly That Ufo Lended &Amp; Dumped All These Stupid People, But They Apparently Aren’t Coming Back For Them.

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2. Some People Speak So Much Crap It’s Difficult To Know Whether To Offer Them Toilet Paper Or A Breath Mint!!

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3. That’s Disssspicable!

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4. I’ve Got Two Tickets To Crazy Town Who Wants One?

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5. I Understand That Your Heart Is In The Right Place. Unfortunately. You Head Is Up Your Ass.

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6. When Someone Lies To You. It Is Because They Don’t Respect You Enough To Be Honest, And They Think You Are Too Stupid To Know The Difference.

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7. I Gotta Run! My Sanity Is Tying To Eatch Up With Me.

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8. Nothing Makes Me Happier Then Knowing I Can Piss You Off By Just Waking Into The Room.

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9. I’m Been Mean. Oh I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Take My I Give A Shit Pills Today.

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10. No Body Move! I Just Lost My Damn Mind.

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11. If You’re Gonna To Two Faced Sweetie, At Least Make One Of Them Pretty.

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12. I’m One Step Away From Being Rich, All I Need Now Is Money.

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13. People Say I Need Anger Management Classes. But If You Knew The Stupid People I’m Surrounded By, You’d Understand The Problem..

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14. If Each Day Is A Gift.. Can We Get A Refund On The Shitty Ones..

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15. It Wasn’t A Fart.. My Lower Intestine Blew You A Kiss.

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16. I’m In My Own Little World But It’s Ok.. They Know Me Here.

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17. A Word To The Wise Ain’t Necessary.. It’s The Stupid Ones Who Need The Advice..

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18. I Am Crazy Loud Annoying Cute, Cuddly Insane And Once You Meet Me You Will Never Forget Me! I Promise.

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19. The Lady Walking Ahead Of Me Sped Up So I Did, She Began Walking Faster And Faster So I Did, She Started Ruining So I Did…

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20. Of Course I Talk To Myself. Sometimes I Need Expert Advice.

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