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Funny Bible Quotes 020

1. Genesis 32:30 I Have Seen The Face Of God Nobody Has Seen The Face Of God.

Funny Bible Quotes 019

2. And The Unlcoms Shall Come Down With Them.. And Their I And Shall Be Soaked With Blood, And Their Dust Made Fat With Fatness.

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Funny Bible Quotes 018

3. Yet She Turned To Even Greater Prostitution, Remembering Her Youth When She Was A Prostitute In Egypt. She Lusted After Lovers With Genitals As Large As A Donkeys And Emissions Like Those Of A Horse.

Funny Bible Quotes 017

4. If You Encounter A Mountain Lion..

Funny Bible Quotes 016

5. Let A Woman Learn In Silence With Full Submission. I Permit No Woman To Teach Or To Have Authority Over A Man; She Is To Keep Silent.

Funny Bible Quotes 015

6. North Waterboro Community Baptist Church. You Can’t Enter Heaven Unless Jesus Enters You.

Funny Bible Quotes 014

7. And The Daughter Of Any Priest, She Profane Herself By Playing The Whore, She Profane Her Father; She Shall Be Burnt With Fire.

Funny Bible Quotes 013

8. “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone.”

Funny Bible Quotes 012

9. Day 1: Create Light Day 4: Create Light Source.

Funny Bible Quotes 011

10. Oh, You Post Bible Verses On Facebook? You’re Definitely Getting Into Heaven.

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Funny Bible Quotes 010

11. For The Man Is Not Of The Woman. But The Woman Of The Man, Nether Was The Man Created For The Woman But The Woman For The Man.

Funny Bible Quotes 009

12. ‘We Learned A Great Bible Verse In Sunday School Today. Lay Not Up For Yourselves Treasures On Earth.’

Funny Bible Quotes 008

13. If A Man Has Long Hair, It Is A Disgrace To Him..

Funny Bible Quotes 007

14. Oh, You Post Bible Verses On Facebook? You’re Definitely Getting Into Heaven.

Funny Bible Quotes 006

15. And The Lord Said Unto John, Come Forth And Receive Eternal Life. But John Came Fifth And Won A Toaster.

Funny Bible Quotes 005

16. The Truth Shall Make Ye Free. “Not If I Can Help It!

Funny Bible Quotes 004

17. If Only You Would Be Altogether Silent’ For You, That Would Be Wisdom.

Funny Bible Quotes 003

18. She Moved On, And I Feel Sorry For You, Because The She Thought You Were The Most Amazing Boy Ever. If She Could Have Had Any Guy In The World, She Still Would Have Picked You. Now, You’re Just Another Part Of Her Past, A Memory More Faded Every Day. And Someday, She’ll Find The One She Deserves, And He Will Make Her.

Funny Bible Quotes 002

19. Yer She Became More And More Promiscuous As She Recalled..

Funny Bible Quotes 001

20. I Can Do All Things Through Chrism Which Strengthener Me.

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