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1. When I Finished Grad School, I Sort Of Fell Into Journalism. Someone Mentioned That There Was An Entry- Level Job At The Reuters News Agency. I Applied, And, To My Amazement, I Got The Job.

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2. For Graduate School I Ended Up Going To The University Of Iowa, Which Is, Of Course, The Best Graduate Writing Program In The Country.

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3. The 5 Secrets Of Grad School Success Do Not Annoy The Professor..

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4. Keep Calm And Finish Grad School.

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5. Grad School- Where Half The People Suffer Form The Impostor Syndrome And The Other Half Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Doing.

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6. Graduate School Is A Place To Hide For A Couple Of Years.

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7. Sure You Life Sucks Now, But Someday Graduate School Will Be Over And People Will Go Back To Respecting You.

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8. The Truth Is When I Went To Graduate School I Would’ve Said I Was Among The Least Talented Of The Students, I Was Certainly The Least Smart, Or Less Educated. But I Worked Very Hard.

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9. Grad School Energy Levels..

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10. The Stress Of Grad School Can Drive Anyone Temporarily Mad.

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11. So In My Uncertainty, I Went To Graduate School And There It All Happened.

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12. If It’s Both Terrifying And Amazing Then You Should Definitely Pursue It.

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13. Future Is Created By What You Do Today Not Tomorrow.

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14. Graduate School Is A Place To Hide For A Couple Of Years.

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15. If I Died Suddenly And Went Straight To Hell, It Would Take Me At Least A Week To Realize I Wasn’t In Grad School Anymore.

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16. Most People Once They Graduate From The School Of Hard Knocks, Automatically Enroll In The University Of Adversity.

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17. I Don’t Make Enough Money To Go On Vacation So I’m Just Going To Get Drunk This Weekend Until I Don’t Know Where I Am.

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18. Sometimes, You Need To Step Outside, Get Some Air, And Remind Yourself Of Who You Are And Who You Want To Be.

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19. Everyone Is Getting Married Or Having Babies And I’m Just Sitting Here Thinking Yeah Grad School Sounds

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20. To Steal Ideas Form One Person Is Plagiarism. To Steal Form Many Is Research.

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21. Pursusing Your Dreams Is Living A Few Years Of Your Life Like Most People Won’t, So That You Can Spend The Rest Of Your Life Like Most People Can’t

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22. Was Like Going To Graduate School.

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23. Grad School Is So Much Fun! Said No One Ever.

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