Best Horrible Mother Quotes

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1. Go Ahead And Act Like Mom-Of-The Year On Facebook. Don’t Forgets Some Of Us Know You In Real Life.

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2. I Have Been That Mother- The Really Focused, Engaged, Loving Mother Who Was All In, Enjoying Every Speck Of Every Second Of Motherhood. I Have Had Days Of Basking In The Moment And Wanting It To Last Forever. I Have Been, Her, All Of Her.

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3. A Real Mother A Read Mother Would Not Ask The Courts For More Than 50/50 Custody. A Real Mother Would Recognize Her Child’s Need For It’s Father.

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4. Games Narcissist Mothers Play She Will Say; You Are Crazy Any Time You Try To Confront Her, Talk Of Past Issues Or Behaviors, Bust Her In The Middle Of Doing Something…

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5. Badmoms I Had My First Kid When I Was 20 And I Have Been Late Ever Since.

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6. Children Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice So That You Can Have The Life You Want. You Make Sacrifices So Your Children Can Have The Life That They Deserve.

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7. Children Who Have A Narcissistic Parent Are Taught/ Programmed To Believe That They Have No Rights. They Learn That Their Feelings Are Wrong. Invalid, And Unimportant.

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8. It’s Called Irony Sweetheart. You Know You Tried To Make My Life Miserable, But In The End Your Life Sucks…. Irony

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9. I’m Sorry I Called You A Bad Mom, I’m Sure All Moms Neglect Their Kids All Year And Only Claim Them During Income Tax Season.

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10. If You Can’t Talk To Me Without Criticizing And Insulting Me And Putting Me Down In That Snotty Condescending Manner, Then Take Your Bad Behaviors.

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11. You Want To Be A Good Role Model For Your Daughter, So You Say? Aww That’s Too Bad You Have To Actually Have Good Role Model Qualities. To Teach Them.

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12. Anyone Can Have A Child And Call Themselves A Parent. A Real Parent Is Someone Who Puts That Child Above Their Own Selfish Needs And Wants.

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13. An Abusive Parent Who Values Control More Than They Value The Well- Being And Happiness Of Their Children.

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14. I Should Have Be Given An Award For Keeping My Mouth Shut When There Is So Much That Needs To Be Said.

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15. Pain And Suffering Have Come Into Your Life.

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16. Bad Mother A Chronicle Of Maternal Crimes..

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17. Darling, Just Change The Channel….

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18. I Am Not A Bad Mom I Am A Good Mom Having A Bad Day.

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