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1. Husband┬áThe Man Who Loves Me Beyond Measure He Lifts Up When I’m Down Understands Me Like None Other Supports My Every Dream Believes In Me No Matter What Accepts Me Flaws And All Nurtures My Heart And Soul Darn Near Perfect.

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2. My Husband Has Made Me Laugh. Wiped My Tears. Hugged Me Tight. Watched Me Succeed. Seen Me Fail. Kept Me Strong. My Husband Is A Promise From Our Father That I Will Have A Best Friend Forever. – Kingdom Woman

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3. Good Morning My Sexy Husband Love You!!! Your Wife ­čÖé

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4. I Can Do Without A Morning Cup Of Coffee, But Not Without Cuddling My Handsome Hubby,

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5. You Are: My Always & Forever My Happily Ever After My Soulmate My Best Friend My Dream Come True My One And Only My Shoulder To Lean On My Heart To Melt Into My Husband My Everything I Love You!

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6. Every Day Of My Life Is Perfect Because It Starts With Loving You

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7. My Husband Is: My Happy Place #Lovequotes

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8. My Husbands Biggest Flaws Are 1. He Works Too Hard 2. He’s Too Nice I’m A Lucky Girl!!

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9. I Love How You Take Care Of Me. How You Keep Working To Be A Better Man. Even On Days I Fail To Be A Better Woman.

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10. Every Single Day That, I Spend Being Your Wife, I Realize How Lucky I Am To Live Such An Amazing Life. I Love You.

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11. 7 Promises By Me I Am Daily To Wish You Good Morning

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12. You’re My Favorite Place To Go To When My Mind Searches For Peace.

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13. You Complete Me.

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14. Waking Up Next To You Is Heaven

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15. Home Is Where My Husband Is

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16. There Is Nothing Wrong With Loving The Crap Out Of Everything.

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17. I Want To Inspire My Husband I Want Him To Look At Me And Say Because Of You I Didn’t Give Up.

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18. You Are My Dearest Friend, My Deepest Love. You Are The Best Of Me.

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19. I Miss Your Smile┬á Your Touch, Your Voice, Your Hug…Everything.

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20. My Husband Has Made Me Laugh. Wiped My Tears. Hugged Me Tight. Watched Me Succeed. Seen Me Fail. Kept Me Strong, My Husband Is A Promise That I Will Have A Friend Forever.

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