Best Ig Quotes About Life

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1. A Certain Darkness Is Needed To See The Stars.

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2. I Wish That I Had Never Met You Then There Would Be No Need To Impress You Need To Want You. No Need For Loving You No Need For Loving You No Need For Crying Over You. No Need For Heartbreaks. No Need For Pain Or Tears. No Need For Forgotten Promises. No Need For Rejected Hugs. No Need For Crying Myself To Sleep. No Need For Acting Like You Care. No Need, For Everything You’ve Done To Make Me Feel Like Absolutely Nothing.

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3. Work For A Cause, Not For Applause. Live Life To Express. Not To Impress.

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4. If It’s Not Gonna Matter In 5 Years, Don’t Spend More Than 5 Minutes Upset By It.

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5. Some Days I Wish I Could Go Back In Life, Not To Change Things, Just To Feel A Few Things Twice.

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6. Life Is To Short To Worry About Stupid Things, Have Fun, Regret Nothing And Don’t Let People Bring You Down.

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7. When I Was Little, I Thought Love Was About Red Roses And Expensive Dinners… Truth Is, Love Is Giving Her Half Your Fries When She Said She Wasn’t Hungry. It’s Waking Up At 4am To Her Snoring And Refraining From Shoving Her Off The Bed. It’s Talking In Accents Just For Shits, And Trying To Embarrass One Another In Public. It’s Going On Adventures, And Making Fun Of Each Other. It’s Stupid Fights And Memorable Make Ups. Love Isn’t Pretty And Romantic. Love Is Just Stumbling Through Life With Your Best Friend.

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8. If A Woman Asks You A Question, It’s Better To Tell Her The Truth Because Chances Are She’s Asking You Because She Already Knows The Answer…

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9. How To Be Successful; Focus On Your Own Shit.

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10. Everybody Underestimated Me And That’s Just How I Like It.

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11. Create You Own Sunshine.

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12. Love Your Haters, They’re Your Biggest Fans.

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13. I’m A Day Dreamer And A Night Thinker.

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14. Do You Trust Me When My Answers Is Wait God

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15. Simplicity Is The Key To Brilliance.

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