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1. If You Think You Look Hot You Wear It.

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2. You Have To Be A Little Crazy, In Order To Have Everything You Nee To Succeed

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3. I Want The Players To Play That Way, So I’d Better Manage That Way. The Philosophy Has Been Thrown Out There. We’ve Bee Talking About It. We’ve Been Working On It, So Let’s See How It Works. Let’s See If Theory And Reality Can Come Together.

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4. The Key To Scoring Runs Is The First 90 Feet.

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5. Former Rays Manger Joe Mad Don… Named Manager Of The Tamps Bay Rays Before The 2006…Joe Maddon

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6. What Else Can I Say? We Are Really Damn Good.

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7. Sometimes Players Get Caught Up In The Physical Mechanical Part Of The Game That They Forget To Just Purely Compete. At The End Of The Day, It Comes Down To What Team Compete Better In The Moment..Today’s Technology Now Provides Us With The Tools To Analyze, Measure, And Diagnose A Hitter’s Swing Mechanics. This Interrogation Can Be Used To Put Together A Personalized Training Plan That Targets And Helps Correct A Hitters Mechanical Issues.

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8. Great Advice Form Joe Mad Don That Applies To Everyone, Not Just Baseball Players.

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9. Quotes From Choc Ago Cubs Head Coach Be Mad Don That Apply To Baseball And Parenting.

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10. I Don’t Believe In Just Being Out There And Just Grinding Away. Let’s Do It Intelligently, Let’s Do It Quickly, Let’s Get It Done. And Then Move On.

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11. Don’t Ever Let The Pressure Exceed The Pleasure.

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12. If I’m Honest With You, You Might Not Like Me For A Day Or Two. But If I Lie To You’re Going To Hate Me Forever.

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13. Never Permit The Pressure To Exceed The Pleasure.

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14. Never Permit The Pressure To Exceed The Pleasure.

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15. I’ve Been A Cardinals Fan Since 1962 Or 64.

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16. I Like Them To Think…

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