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1. I Will Love My Kids To The Best Of My Ability Today, And Forever.

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2. No Matter What Happens, My Kids Comes First. It’s That Simple.

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3. Mom, I Love You! Age10 I Love You, Mom!…

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4. I Approached A Kid And Asked What Is Love? The Kid Answered, Love Is When A Puppy Lick S Your Face. I Laughed, But Then He Added. Even After You Left Him Alone All Day.

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5. The Key To My Heart My Children.

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6. Without My Kids, Tomorrow Wouldn’t Be Worth The Wait And Yesterday Wouldn’t Be Worth Remembering.

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7. In The Spring, At The End Of The Day, You Should Smell Like Dirt.

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8. My Greatest Wish Is That My Kids Always Know How Much Love Them, And That They Walk Through The Rest Of Their Lives Knowing I’ll Always Be There For Them Anyway I Can.

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9. I Am A Mother. I Will Love &Amp; Protect My Children For As Long As I Live &Amp; Nothing Will Change That.

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10. I Love You Like Grown-Ups Do? No For Real.

Famous Kid Love Quotes

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11. The World Means Everything Tome And You Are World I Love You.

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12. My Name Is I My Problem Is Love And My Solution Is U

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13. The Kids Who Need The Most Love Will Ask For It In The Most Unloving Of Ways.I

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14. I Love You Like A Pat Kid Loves Cake.

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15. To Be In Your Children Memories Tomorrow, You Have To Be In Their Lives.

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16. I Love You Higher Than The Sky And More Than All The Water In The Ocean.

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17. To My Children.. If I Had To Choose Between Loving You And Breathing.. I Would Use My Last Breath To Tell You..

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18. I Love You To The Moon &Amp; Back To Infinity Beyond Forever And Ever.

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19. Accept Your Past Without Regrets Handle Your Present With Confidence And Face Your Future Without Fear.

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20. I Love Kids. I Was A Kid Myself, Once.

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