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1. I Automatically Stop Trying When I Feel Unwanted. I Won’t Reach Out To You If It’s Not Mutual. I Don’t Beg.

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2. Here’s The Thing, I’m A Nice Person So If I’m A Bitch To You, You Need To Ask Yourself Why.

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3. Every Time I Thought I Was Being Rejected From Something Good, I Was Actually Being Re-Directed To Something Better.

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4. The Worst Thing About Being Left Out Is Knowing Ou Weren’t Even A Simple Thought In Any Of Their Minds.. Sad..

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5. My Face Looks Like Wedding-Cake Left Out In The Rain.

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6. I Tried To Never Exclude People. I Know What It Means To Left Out.

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7. I Know How It Feels, To Feel Like The Ugly Friend, The Fat Friend, The Friend That No One Wants.

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8. If You Care About Somebody, You Should Want Them To Be Happy. Even If You Wind Up Being Left Out.

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9. I Feel Left Our But I Guess It’s My Own Fault.

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10. When She Is Happy, She Can’t Stop Talking When She Is Sad She Doesn’t Say A Word.

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11. There Comes A Time When You Have To Choose Between Turning The Apge And Closing The Book.

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12. Don’t You Hate It When You Friends Make Plans Wiht Each Other In Front Of Your Face But Don’t Bother Asking You If You Want To Come.

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13. It Was Always The Three Of Us Now I Stand By And Watch Yo Two Make Plans With Each Other. And It Hurts.

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14. It Look Me Way To Long To Realize That You Shouldn’t Stay Friends With People Who Never Ask How You’re Doing.

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15. Oh,I’m Sorry. If Forget, I Only Exist When You Need Something.

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16. Give The Gift Of Your Absence To Those Who So Not Appreciate Your Presence.

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17. I Can’t Keep Being Your Second Choice. Not When You’re My First.

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