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1. This Is Your Life. Do What You Love, And Do It Often. If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Don’t Like Your Job, Quit. If You Don’t Have Enough Time, Stop Watching Tv.

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2. You Have Perhaps Waited For Years To Be Freed From Some Need. For A Long, Long Time You Have Looked Out From The Darkness In Search Of The Light, And Have Had A Difficult Problem In Life That You Have Not Been Able To Solve In Spite Of Great Efforts.

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3. I’ve Learned That No Matter What Happens. Or How Bad It Seems Today, Life Does Go On, And It Will Be Better Tomorrow. I’ve Learned That You Can Tell A Lot About A Person…

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4. This Life Life Is To Be Lived. We’re Not Guaranteed Another Minute Hold High Expectations For Yourself And Acceptance For Others.

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5. Karma When People Insult You, Don’t Take Offense, Don’t Take It Personally, But Do Listen To Their Words. They Are Telling You How They See The World…

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6. I Found Myself Again One Morning When I Opened The Window And Smelled The Fresh Daisies Growing In My Background..

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7. If Is Better To Have A Short Life That Is Full Of What You Like Doing, Than A Long Like Spent In A Miserable Way.

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8. In The End, Long Life Is The Reward, Strength, And Beauty.

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9. If Someone Comes Into Your Life And Has A Positive Impact On You, But For Some Reason They Can’t Stay, Don’t Mourn For Too Long..

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10. I Could Drive Around All Night With Someone, Listening To Music, Talking About Life And Be Perfectly Satisfied With My Night.

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11. Because The Greatest Part Of A Road Trip Isn’t Destination. It’s All The Wild Stuff That Happens Along The Way.

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12. Create A Life That Feels Good On The Inside, Not One That Looks Good On The Outside.

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13. When One Door Closes, Another Opens; But We Often Look So…

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14. It Crazy, Because I Don’t Even Know When You Became So Important To Me…

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15. Life Well Spent Is Long..

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16. Life We Do Things. Some We Wish We Had Never Done. Some We Wish We Could Replay A Million Times In Our..

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