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1. She Looked Up Towards The Ceiling In An Effort To Stop The Tears Form Streaming Down Her Face..

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2. Sometimes I Was So Bored That I Started Arguments Just To Experience The Rush Of Almost Losing Him.

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3. Losing Someone Isn’t An Occasion Or An Event. It Doesn’t Happen Just Once. It Happens Over And Over Again.

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4. I Used To Think I Couldn’t Go A Day Without Your Smile. Without Telling You Things And Hearing You Voice Back.

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5. The Fear Of Losing Someone You Love Makes The Truth Come Out.

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6. What Was It Like To Lose Him? I Was Like Hearing Every Goodbye Ever Said To Me….

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7. I’ve Never Been So Scared Of Losing Something In My Entire Life, Then Again Nothing In My Life Has Ever Meant As Much To Me As You Do..

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8. It’s Hard To Lose Someone You Love, But It’s Even Worse To Lose Yourself While Loving Them.

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9. The Worst Type Of Crying Is The Silent One. The One When Everyone Is Asleep. The One Where You Feel It In Your Throat, And Your Eyes Becomes Blurry…

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10. You’re Gonna Lose People In Your Life. And Realize That No Matter How Much Time You Spent With Them Or How Much You Appreciate Them And Told…

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11. I Didn’t Fall In Love With You Because I Was Lonely, Or Lost, I Fell In Love With You Because When I Saw You For The First Time…

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12. If Life Can Remove Someone You Never Dreamed Of Losing It Can Replace Them With Someone You Never Dream Of Having.

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13. People Get Drunk, They Kiss The Wrong Person. And Pretend To Be Okay. People Will Do Anything To Distract Their Heart. They Will Do Anything To Distract It Form Missing Someone.

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14. He Was Never Mine, But Losing Him Broke My Heart.

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15. The Phobia Of Losing Someone You Love.

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16. Why Am I So Afraid To Lose You, When You Are Not Even Mine.

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