Best Love Lyrics Quotes

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1. The Best Thing About Me Is You. A Heart That Loves Is Always Young.

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2. And There’s No One There To Dry Your Tears. I Could Hold You For A Million Years, To Make You Fell My Love.

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3. I Promise I Am Worthy To Hold In Your Arms.

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4. You Put Your Arms Around Me And I”m Home.

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5. Because Maybe You’re Gonna Be The One That Saves Me. After All. You’re My Wonder Wall.

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6. And I Still Get Those Stupid Butter Flies.

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7. Someone Like You. I Heard That You’re Settled Down That You Found A Girl And You’re Married Now, I Heard That Your Dreams Came True Guess She Gave You Old Friend Ain’t Like You To How The Light Cause I Don’t Wanna Lose You Now I’m Lookin’ Right At The Other Hall Of Me The Vacancy That Sat In My Heart Is A Space That Now You Hold Show Me How To Flight For Now And I’ll Tell You Baby It Was Easy Comin’ Back Here To You Once I Figure It Out You Were Right Here All Along.

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8. All That You’re Is All That I’ll Ever Need.

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9. It’s The Most Maddening, Beautiful, Magical, Horrible, Painful, Wonderful, Joyous Thing In The Word Love.

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10. Before I Met You, I Never Knew What It Was Like To Be Able To Look At Someone And Smile For No Reason.

Famous Love Lyrics Quotes

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11. Love Is Old, Love Is New, Love Is All Love Is You.

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12. If You Were My Own I Would Shower You With Love And Drown Within Your Soul.

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13. Take My Hand Take My Whole Like Too For I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

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14. Every Little Thing That You Do Baby I’m Amazed By You.

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15. It’s You It’s You It’s All For You Everything I Do.

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16. You’re The Closes To Heaven That I’ll Ever Be.

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