Best Love Lyrics Sayings

love lyrics 019

1. I Love You Yesterday I Love You Still I Always Have.. I Always Will.

love lyrics 020

2. I’m Dancing Is The Rain Cause There’s A Fire Burning Deep Inside For You I’m Locked Into Your Chain Cause I’m Addicted To The Way Your Body Moves.

love lyrics 014

3. Oh You Can’t Make Yourself Stop Dreaming Who You’re Dreaming Of If It’s Who You Love Then It’s Who You Love.

love lyrics 015

4. And I Thought That She Could Really Be The One This Time.

love lyrics 018

5. And You’re Got A Smile That Could Light Up This Whole Town.

love lyrics 004

6. You Put Your Arms Around Me And I’m Home.

love lyrics 002

7. Take My Hand Take My Whole Life Too For I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

love lyrics 003

8. There Is No One Else Who Could Love You More Than Me

love lyrics 016

9. Just When The Caterpillar Thought The World Was Ever.

love lyrics 005

10. I Know I’m Far From Perfect Nothing Like You Entourage I Can’t Grant You Any Wishes I Won’t Promise You The Stars.

Famous Love Lyrics Sayings

love lyrics 007

11. L Is For The Way You Look At Me O Is For The Only I See

love lyrics 017

12. I Never Thought I’d Miss You, Half As Much As I Do, And I Never Thought I’d Feel This Way The Way I Fell About You As Soon As I Wake Up Every Night Every Day.

love lyrics 013

13. I’ll Be There For You These Five Words I Swear To You When You Breathe I Want To Be The Air For You I’ll Be There For You I’d Love And I’d Die.

love lyrics 012

14. Before I Met You, I Never Knew What It Was Like To Be Able To Look At

love lyrics 010

15. Love Is Old, Love Is New, Love Is All, Love Is You.

love lyrics 008

16. Waiting For Love

love lyrics 006

17. How About, Love? How About, Love? How About, Love? Measure In Love.

Love Lyrics Sayings 011

18. Every Little Thing That You Do Baby I’m Amazed By You.

Love Lyrics Sayings 009

19. All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need.

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