True Love Quotes That Will Make Your Relationship Even More Stronger and Pure. Love is in the air and you just need to feel it, we all have one soul mate who understand us completely. If your partner will not understand you then probably you are with wrong one. One day you definitely find your true soul mate. So don’t lose hope and try to love everyone. There are many types on love that you feel i.e. love for your mother, love  for your sister, love for your friends and so on. But these love quotations are specially for our loved-ones. We collect some handpicked collection of beautiful quotes. Hope you like it.

Best Love Quotes

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1. The Best Love Is The Kind That Awakens The Soul; That Makes Us Reach For More, That Plants The Fire In Our Hearts And Brings Peace To Our Minds. That’s What I Hope To Give You Forever. The Notebook

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2. The Heart Wants What It Wants.

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3. You Deserve Love And You’ll Get It.

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4. It’s Not A Lack Of Love But A Lack Of Friendship That Makes Unhappy Marriages.

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5. I Choose You. And I’ll Choose You, Over And Over And Over. Without Pause Without A Doubt, In A Heartbeat I’ll Keep Choosing You.

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6. When I’m With You If Feel Safe Things That Hurt Me Inside.

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7. The Couples That Are Meant To Be, Are The Ones Who Go Through Everything That Is Meant To Tear Them Apart, And Come Out Even Stronger

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8. Everything I’ve Never Done, I Want To Do With You.

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9. I Don’t Care How Many People Are In This World I Want You End Of Story.

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10. Don’t Settle For Relationship That Won’t Let You Be Yourself.

Famous Love Quotes

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11. Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite.

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12. You Wanna Know Who I’m In Love With? Read The First Word Again.

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13. We Fight We Kiss, We Hug, We Text, We Talk, We Argue, We Laugh, We Smile We Love.. That’s Us.

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14. Distance Isn’t An Issue Because In The End, I Have You.

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15. If I Did Anything Right In My Life It Was When I Gave My Heart To You.

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16. I Just Want.. To Thank You For Being My Reason To Look Forward To The Next Day.

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17. There Is Only One Happiness In Live To Love And To Be Loved

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18. Where There Is Love There Is Life.

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19. Every Time Is I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again.

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20. All I Want To Do Is Spend My Life Loving You And Making You Happy.

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