Best Loving Him Quotes

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1. I Am Very Indecisive And Always Have Trouble Picking My Favorite. Anything. But, Without A Doubt, You Are My Favorite Everything.

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2. I Love My Eyes When You Look Into Them. I Love My Name When You Say It. I Love My Heart When You Touch It. I Love My Life When You Are In It.

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3. If I Did Anything Right In My Life It Was When I Gave My Heart To You.

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4. Him His Smile, His Eyes. His Voice. His Laugh. His Warmth. His Existence. Him.

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5. I Fell In Love With You Because You Loved Me When I Couldn’t Love Myself.

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6. You Mean So Much To Me. You’re The Last Thing I Want To Lose. You’re The Thought I Wake Up To. And The Thought I Fall Asleep To. You Make Me Feel So Happy And Cared For. If Thought Differently, Well, You’re Wrong, I Want To Keep You In My Life For As Long As Possible, I Love You. And Make Sure You Don’t Forget That.

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7. She Was Drawn To Him. They Way His Eyes Danced With Hers In The Darkness. Like Two Shooting Stars On The Same Path In The Night Sky. It Was Almost As If They Were Meant To Be. If She Believed In Real Love. This Would Be It.

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8. I Keep Myself Buy With Things To Do, But Every Time I Pause, I Still Think Of You.

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9. The Best Relationship Are The One You Never Saw Coming.

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10. Yeah, I Know He’s Cute But He’s Mine Touch Him And I’ll Kill You.

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11. That Feeling You Get When You See His Name Appear On Your Phone.

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12. Distance Isn’t An Issue Because In The End. I Have You.

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13. I Still Get Butterflies Even Though I’ve Seen You A Hundred Times.

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14. You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Races When I See You.

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