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1. The Worst Thing About Being Lied To Is Knowing You Weren’t Worth The Truth.

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2. You Broke Me Like I Was One Of Your Fucking Promises.

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3. Faithful On Your Wall, But Cheating In Their Inbox.

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4. It’s Better To Have Nobody Than To Have Someone Who Is Half There, Or Doesn’t Want To Be There.

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5. If A Woman Asks You A Question, It’s Better To Tell Her The Truth Because Chance Are She’s Asking You Because She Already Know The Answer…

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6. You ‘Re Fluent In Lies, Excuses And Bullshit And You Think I Don’t Know.

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7. You Can’t Stop A Person From Doing What They Want To Do. They ‘Ll Start Lying To You To Continue Doing It.

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8. If You Behave In A Manner That Poisons Your Relationship Don’t Be Surprised When It Dies.

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9. If You Behave In A Manner That Poisons Your Relationship Don’t Be Surprised When It Dies.

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10. The Only People Who Are Mad At You For Speaking The Truth Are Those People Who Are Living A Lie. Keep Speaking The Truth.

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11. I Wish Ever One Knew What A Lying Piece Of Shit You Are.

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12. Being Single Is Better Than Being Lied To Cheated On, And Disrespected.

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13. Men Lie The Most Men Lie All The Time.

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14. Women Lie About Their Age; Men Lie About Their Income.

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15. Men Lie The Most Women Tell The Biggest Lies.

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16. Many Men Talk A Good Game Few Deliver.

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17. When A Man Lies. He Pierces The Very Soul Of That Woman.. When A Man Lies. He Kills Every Reason She Ever Had For Loving Him.

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18. A Real Man Will Be Honest No Matter How Painful The Truth Is. A Coward Hides Behind Lies And Deceit.

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19. Sometimes I Wonder How You Sleep At Night And Then I Remember That You Are A Self Centered Asshole With Absolutely No Conscience.

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20. You Provoke Her Until She Roars And Then Get Upset At Her For…

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