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1. One Day You’ll Find Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Your Past Because They Want To Be Your Future.

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2. Find Arms That Will Hold You At Your Weakest Times, Eyes That Will See Your Beauty At Your Ugliest Times, And A Heart That Will Love You At Your Worst.

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3. “We May Love The Wrong Person, Cry For The Wrong Person.” But One Thing Is Sure, Mistakes Help Us Find The Right Person. Go For Someone Who Isn’t Only Proud To Have You,

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4. Hi I’m Mr Right, Someone Told Me You Were Looking For Me.

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5. “What Really Matter Is That He Will Love You, That He Will Respect You, That He Will Honor You, That He Will Be Absolutely True To You, That He Will Give You The Freedom.

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6. I’m Not Single. I’m Not Taken.I’m Simply On Reserve For The One Who Deserves My Heart.

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7. “The Wrong Person Makes You Beg For Attention, Affection, Love And Commitment.

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8. I’m Looking For Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right Now.

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9. You Shouldn’t Waste Your. Time On Someone That Isn’t Sure About You.

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10. “Simply Remind Yourself That You Are Busy Racking Up

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11. If You Spend Too Long Holding On To The One Who Treats You Like An Option,

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12. I Had To Go Through MR.Player MR. Liar

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13. I’m Glad We Have Finally Accepted The Fact That Finding A Suitable Man

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14. I’m Looking For MR. Right, Not MR. Right

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15. Imagine A Man On His Knees Praying That You Become His Wife.

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16. One Of The Reasons Its So Hard To Find The Right Person Is So Many People Are Already In Relationships With The Wrong Person.

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17. No, I Haven’t Met MR. Right But I Have Met,

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18. Getting Back With Your Ex Is Like Taking A Shower, Then Putting The Same Underwear Back On.

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19. More Than Anything, I Just Want To GET IT RIGHT With Someone

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