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1. You Make Me Complete, You Make Me Smile When I Have No Reason To. When Everything In My Life Is Going Wrong, I Call You And You Make.

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2. You Are My Everything.

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3. I Can’t Remember What It Was Like Before You, And I Don’t Even Know How We Got Here But Maybe That’s Exactly What I Needed Someone Who Could Make Me

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4. You Changed My World With A Blink Of An Eye That Is Something That I Cannot Deny You Put My Soul From Worst.

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5. It Takes Millions Of People To Complete The World But It Only Takes You To Complete Mine.

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6. Step Into My World Your Madness Will Be Accepted Optimistically.

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7. I Love You Because You Give Me Hope. You Are Soft, Warm, Brave And Strong, No Matter What, You Are Always On My Mind.

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8. You’re So Beautiful He Say, You’re Smart, You’re Amazing, You’re A Good Woman, Isn’t It Sad That The Women Who Hear..

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9. A Man Truly Loves You When Missing You Is His Hobby Caring For You Is His Job.. Making You

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10. You Change My World With Just One Smile, You Took My Heart With Just One Kiss.

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11. To Put It Simply, I Love You And I Hope Do Too. Because In My Eyes You’re Perfect, You’re Everything I Ever Wanted. And I Want You To Know That

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12. There Is No Limit To My Love For You.

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13. When I’m With You. I Feel Like I’m Right Where I Belong.

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14. Falling In Love With You Has Changed My Entire Life. I Don’t Know Want I Would.

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15. Wife; I Love You. Husband; I Love You Too. Wife. Prove It Scream It To World.

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16. You Are My Heart My Soul, My Best Friend, My World My Everything.

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17. While They All Fall In Love With Her Smile She Waits For One Will Fall In Love With Her Scars.

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18. There’s A Time To Be A Nice Person, And There’s A Time To Say Enough Is Enough.

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19. I Really Like You A Lot. I Know Sometimes I Mess Up &Amp; Do Things That Make.

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