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1. I’m Moving Forward In Life Only Way I’m Looking Back Is If It’s My As Sin The Mirror.

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2. I’ll Never Forget You Bot I’ll Be Gone I ‘Ll Always Respect You Life Ill Goon.

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3. Keep It Classy, Never Trashy, Just A Lil Nasty.

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4. How People Treat Other People Is A Direct Reflection Of How They Feel About Themselves.

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5. Earn It, So Nobody Can Say They Gave You Shit.

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6. Nothing Lasts Forever. So Live It Up, Drink It Down, Laugh It Off. Avoid The Drama, Take Chances, And Never Have Regrets Because At One Point Everything You Did Was Exactly What You Wanted.

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7. Fuck You It’s Magic

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8. I’ll Fight For You But I’ll Never Fight Over You If You Entertaining Somebody Else They Can Have You.

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9. Everything Happens For A Reason, That Reason Causes Change. Sometimes It Hurts. Sometimes It’s Hard. But In The End It’s All For The Best.

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10. If People Can Use Lol Without Even Laughing Surely They Can Use I’ Love You Without Even Loving.

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11. Men Are Attracted To Confidence More Then Boobs.

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12. I Just Hope That You Miss Me A Little When I’m Gone.

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13. I’m Sorry But What Is A Bad Bitch Compared To A Queen With Goals And Manners.

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14. A Man’s’ Money Will Never Excite An Independent Woman.

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15. In My Mind, It’s Always About The Next Step It’s Always What’s Happening Next.

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16. When You All For Their Personality, Everything Else About Them Becomes Beautiful

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17. The Loudest One Int The Room Is The Weakest One Int The Room

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18. There Are People Who Son Walk Away For You Let Them Walk. I Don’t Want You To Try To Talk Another Person Into Staying

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19. I Don’t Understand How A Wonder Can Leave The House Without Fixing Herself Up A Little If Only Out Of

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20. Business Owners Aren’t Responsible For Their Own Success But I Killed Bin Laden.

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