Best Pity Party Quotes

Pity Party Quotes 001

1. Welcome To Facebook! Where Liars Tell More Lies, Enemies Are Facebook Friends, Weak People Turn Into Facebook Gangsters, Haters Complain About Haters And Every Person Who Talks About Money Ain’t Got None.

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2. Self- Pity Is An Awful Thing, You’re Just Wallowing, Blaming, And Justifying. Stop It. You’re Attracting Negativity To Yourself Even More.

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3. Oh Are You Having A Pity Party If You Wait A Moment, I Can Make You A Cake For The Occasion! Guilt, Frosted With Embarrassment, And Sprinkled With Shame.

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4. You Are Not A Victim. No Matter What You Have Been Through, You’re Still Here. You May Have Been Challenged, Hurt, Betrayed, Beaten, And Discouraged, But Nothing Has Defeated You. You Are Still Here!

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5. You Can Be Pitiful Or You Can Be Powerful, But You Can’t Be Both At The Same Time.

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6. Hello, Pity Party For One Please… I Would Have Had Guests But They Got Over Things And Moved On!

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7. If You Keep Telling The Same Sad Small Story, You Will Keep Living The Same Sad Small Life.

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8. I’m Sorry You’re Upset After Finding Out The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You… Here, Let Me Pour You A Nice Cup Of Get The Fuck Over It.

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9. You Pity Party On Facebook Should Have Been Created Under Events So We Could Have Chosen To Attend Or Not.

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10. The Pity Train Has Just Derailed At The Corner Of Suck It Up &Amp; Move On, And Crashed Into We All Have Problems, Before Coming To A Stop At Get The Hell Over It.

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11. The Most Miserable People Are Those Who Care Only About Themselves, Understand Only Their Own Troubles And See Only Their Own Perspective.

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12. Don’t Attend Pity Parties… There Aren’t Any Good Presents There.

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13. When No One Is Joining In On Your Pity Party, Maybe Its Time You Left Too.

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14. Self Pity Is Easily The Most Destructive Of Non-Pharmaceutical Narcotics It Is Addictive Gives Momentary….

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15. Do I Have My Days When I’v Thrown Little Pity Party For Myself? Absolutely.

Pity Party Quotes 016

16. Everything In Your Life Is A Reflection Of A Choice You Have Made, If You Want A Different Result, Make A Different Choice.

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17. Sometimes, The Person Who’s Been There For Everyone Else Needs Someone To Be There For Them.

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18. Oops! I Just Tossed My Invitation To Your Weekly Pity Party. I Will Be Busy Thanking God For My Many Blessing And Praying That You Will Realize Yours. Party On Without Me.

Pity Party Quotes 019

19. Won’t Be A Participant In Your Pity Party.

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20. Sweat Has The Power To End A Pity Party In Such A Way That Even The Hostess Is Happy.

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